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Frequently Asked Questions - Honeywell Round Professional Install Manual

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the thermostat still work if Wi-Fi connection is lost?
Yes, some features are managed only through the Honeywell Home app and will
not function while the connection is down. The temperature can be adjusted
directly at the thermostat. The thermostat will automatically reconnect to Wi-Fi
once the network is restored.
Will the thermostat work with a Static IP Address Network scheme?
No, the router network needs to be set up for Dynamic Host Control Protocol
(DHCP) for the thermostat to dynamically get an IP address. Consult the router's
manual for set up instructions.
What Wi-Fi security standards are compatible with the thermostat?
The thermostat is not finding the in home Wi-Fi network.
The thermostat operates in the 2.4GHz range. That may be why the thermostat
does not see the network but the smartphone, which operates in both the 2.4 and
5.0 GHz range, sees the network. Most routers will broadcast two networks, one
SSID on the 5.0 GHz radio and one SSID on the 2.4 GHz radio.
Can the thermostat be used in a home that does not have Wi-Fi?
The thermostat can work as a basic thermostat without Wi-Fi. The key features,
including location based temperature control, require a Wi-Fi connection.
Is Wi-Fi needed to control ventilation, humidity or dehumidification?
Yes, these features are managed through the Honeywell Home app.


Table of Contents

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