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Maintenance; Changing A Webgui Password; Navigate To Password - Nokia FastMile 5G-24W-A User Manual

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Changing a WebGUI password

The WebGUI password must adhere to the password rules, which are
as follows:
the password may consist of uppercase letters, lowercase
letters, digital numbers, and the following special characters:
! # + , - / @ _ : = ]
the password length must be from 8 to 24 characters.
the first character must be a number or a letter.
the password must contain at least two types of characters:
numbers, letters, or special characters.
the same character must not appear more than 8 times in a
When the password meets the password rules, the application
displays the message "Your password has been changed
When the password does not meet the password rules, the
application displays a message to indicate which password rule has
not been followed, for example:
o the password is too short.
o the password is too long.
o the first character cannot be a special character.
o there are not enough character classes.

Navigate to password

Select the
FastMile 5G Gateway menu.
Maintenance tab and click Password
FastMile 5G Gateway User Guide
from the
Issue 1.0

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Table of Contents

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