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Projecting Images Stored In A Memory Pc Card; Memory Pc Cards; Jpeg Files - Toshiba TLP-S200 Owner's Manual

3lcd data projector (xga / svga / high brightness / with pc card slot & document camera)
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Projecting images stored in a memory PC card

Please read this chapter if the model you purchased includes a PC card slot.
Models equipped with PC card slot are able to read JPEG files stored on a memory PC
card, and display them on the screen.
This allows you to give presentations without a computer, create advertising screen board
using the auto slide show function, and more. (It is not possible to reproduce animation
effects, such as those produced by Microsoft

Memory PC cards

PC card slot types
The PC card slot installed on this projector is PC Card Standard TYPE II-compliant.
Please use memory PC cards and conversion adapters compliant with this type of PC
card slot.
Supported storage media types
This projector supports the following types of ATA-compliant storage media. This
owner's manual refers to the combination of the ATA conversion adapter and media in
use as a "memory PC card."
Storage media that can be used as-is
Flash ATA card, TOSHIBA Mobile Disk
Storage media that can be used in combination with each of the ATA conversion
adapter types
SmartMedia™, compact Flash cards, SD memory cards
Note that inserting conversion adapters and memory cards with different functions
than above, and other memory cards (excluding the supplied wireless LAN PC card)
into the projector could damage the PC card or cause malfunctions.
Memory PC Cards Whose Operation Have Been Confirmed
Please note that presence on this list is not a guarantee of operation.
• TOSHIBA Mobile Disk: PAMHD005(5GB), MEHDD20A(2GB)
• Flash ATA cards:
I-O DATA PCFCA-96M (96MB), PCFCA-128M (128MB)
• SmartMedia™:
PDR-SM64 (64MB)
• Compact Flash cards: SanDisk SDCFB-64-505 (64MB), SDCFB-128-505 (128MB)
SanDisk SDCF-31
• SD memory cards:
Panasonic RP-SD032 (32MB)
Panasonic BN-SDAAP3
The TOSHIBA IPC5019A SmartMedia™ PC card adapter is not ATA-compliant, and so
cannot be used by this projector.
Backing up data
Toshiba recommend that you back up the data on the memory PC card before use.
(Toshiba assume no liability for losses incurred by data lost through the use of this

JPEG files

1) Folder names may be up to 19 characters long, and file names up to 14 characters
including file extensions.
2) Supported file extensions are jpg, JPG, jpeg, and JPEG.
3) The maximum number including both folders and files is 512.
4) Some JPEG files are not supported by this projector.
5) Resolutions above 1,024 x 768 pixels will be displayed in compressed form.
The limitations in 4), above can be alleviated by converting the JPEG file with the
supplied JPEG Conversion Tool
Projecting images stored in a memory PC card
Switch to [PJ Mode]
to operate the remote control's buttons.
Mounting a memory PC card
Mount a memory PC card into the PC card slot, in accordance with "Mounting a PC
Selecting PC card input
When PC card input is selected, data readout from the memory PC card begins, and a
list of thumbnails is displayed on the screen. The figure below is an example of this
process. The actual display will vary depending on the data stored on your memory PC
Current Folder Name
Current File Name
Thumbnail image of first
file in folder
Thumbnail image
of file
software application.
Thumbnail list page
Current page/Total pages
Orange frame: currently
Operation Guide
selected file or folder
Previous page exists
Next page exists



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