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Remote Mounting; Table 2-3 Remote Mounting Procedure For Dl5000 Probes - Honeywell DirectLine DL424 User Manual

Sensor module for dl 5000 dissolved oxygen probes
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2.3 Remote Mounting

When the DL424 or DL425 module is specified with Table II = 6, a remote connector
assembly (part number 51500768-005) is supplied loose. The remote cable
connector is used to connect the DL5000 probe cable to the DL424/425 module.
Table 2-3 gives the mounting procedure.

Table 2-3 Remote Mounting Procedure for DL5000 Probes

Remove the protective sleeve from the end of the probe cable when
ready to attach to remote connector. Be careful to keep bare fingers
away from coax cable termination.
Turning counterclockwise, remove strain relief/cover combination from
the remote connector assembly.
Loosen and remove compression cap from strain relief fitting. Carefully
push cable end through cap and strain relief fitting so that these parts are
strung back along cable jacket.
Connect and disconnect cable leads as follows: See Table 2-4
Apply a thin bead of silicone grease to cable jacket in the area of the
compression cap/strain relief. Slide cover along cable and tighten by
hand onto the remote connector assembly.
Slide cap along cable and tighten onto cable jacket with small wrench
until cable cannot slide within strain relief rubber bushing.
Apply a thin film of silicon grease to the ID of electronics module's remote
mounting cavity.
Plug remote connector assembly into DL424/425 module aligning polarity
tab of module housing and mating groove on connector.
Secure Electronics Module with Wall, Pipe, or DIN Rail Mounting
 Mount bracket with clips facing forward, smaller clip on top and
DIN rail: Attach the appropriate DIN rail clip to the mounting bracket:
 Push electronics module onto the remote-mounting bracket until it
Procedure (Refer to Figure 2-4 and Figure 2-5)
larger clip on bottom.
Use one of three through-holes to secure to wall.
Feed hose clamp through two slots and secure to pipe.
"U" DIN rail—use metal clip and shorter screw (8 mm)
"G" DIN rail—use gray clip and longer screw (10 mm). Clip
can be rotated for horizontal or vertical DIN rails.
snaps into position.
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