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Testing The Remote Control - Philips SRU1060/10 Instructions For Use Manual

Philips universal remote control sru1060 2in1 for tv/dvd
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Place the spare CR2025 Lithium battery
into the battery compartment, as shown.
Make sure to place the text side of the
battery upwards.
Slide the cover back and click it firmly
into place.
Note: If the LED blinks four times after every key press, the remote control is
indicating that its battery is running low. Replace the old battery with a
CR2025 Lithium battery.

Testing the remote control

The remote control has been programmed to operate most Philips brands.
Because the SRU1060 may use different signals for each brand and even for
different models of the same make, it is advisable to test whether your
brand responds to the SRU1060.
The example below (TV) instructs you how to do this.
You can repeat the same steps for your DVD player/recorder which you
want to operate using the SRU1060.
Example of TV:
Turn your TV on manually or use the original remote control.
Tune to channel 1.
Check whether all the keys are working.
For an overview of the keys and their
functions see '3. Keys and functions'.
If the TV responds as it should to all of the
key commands the SRU1060 is ready for
If the LED does not light up, check whether the battery has been
properly inserted.
See 'Inserting the battery'.
If the device does not respond at all or not to all of the key
commands, follow the instructions under 'Setting the remote
control', or for online setup go to:
Pagina 5


Table of Contents

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