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Connection - Siemens SIMATIC NET ANT793-8DJ Compact Operating Instructions

Directional antenna 5 ghz
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Danger due to lightning strikes
Antennas installed outdoors must be within the area covered by a lightning
protection system. Make sure that all conducting systems entering from outdoors
can be protected by a lightning protection potential equalization system.
When implementing your lightning protection concept, make sure you adhere to the
VDE 0182 or IEC 62305 standard.
Suitable lightning protectors are available in the range of accessories of SIMATIC
NET Industrial WLAN:
● Lightning protection element LP798-1N (article number 6GK5798-2LP00-2AA6)
● Lightning protection element LP798-2N (article number 6GK5798-2LP10-2AA6)
We recommend that you use the maintenance-free lightning protector LP798-2N.
When there is also DC power is supplied via the antenna cable. In this case, only the
lightning protector LP798-1N can be used.
Danger due to lightning strikes
Installing this lightning protector between an antenna and a SCALANCE W700 is
not adequate protection against a lightning strike. The lightning protectors listed
above only work within the framework of a comprehensive lightning protection
concept. If you have questions, ask a qualified specialist company.
1. Screw the connecting cable for the SCALANCE W-700 to the antenna. The
tightening torque at the N connector is 1.7 Nm. If there is greater mechanical load
(for example vibration) a maximum 3 Nm is permitted.
2. Make sure that the connecting cable does not cause any tensile load on the
SCALANCE W700 nor on the antenna.
Antenna ANT793-8DJ
A5E03484059, 01/2017