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Mounting And Connection Instructions; Functional Description - Honeywell 010690.01 Mounting And Connection Instructions

Mains/charger unit 12 v dc/32 ah
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Mounting and Connection Instructions

Mains/charger unit 12 V DC / 32 Ah
Item no. 010690.01
1. General
Fully electronic mains/charger unit.
- Voltage-stabilized
- Current limited
- Redundancy standby operation
- Accumulator capacity up to max. 32 Ah
When selecting the size of housing, pay attention to the space
required for the accumulators.
2. VdS guidelines for power supply
The power supply must be connected to the mains with a
separate fuse.
If the electrical installation has an earth-leakage circuit breaker (Fl
switch), the energy supply must have its own earth-leakage circuit
breaker. The fuse and Fl switch should, if possible, be within the
security zone.
If the energy supply is not part of the control panel, it must be
installed in the immediate vicinity (without a space between) so
that an attack on the connection line is impossible without causing
mechanical damage to the housing.
The control panel and power supply should, if possible, be
screwed together.
Users not belonging to the system should not be connected to the
mains voltage.
The accumulators used in the power supply must be appro-
ved. For parallel switching, only accumulators of the same
age and from the same production series are allowed to be
The accumulators must be fixed on the housing base using
Dual lock fasteners
(Item no. 055280).
3. Mounting
Safety instructions
When performing installation work of any kind, the unit must be
When installing the power unit in a control panel housing or
equivalent, ensure that the supplied
inserted between the housing base and the underside of
the PCB.
Note, that the power unit is screwed tight to the hou-
sing base.
The non-fused earth conductor from the electric power circuit
must be connected in the immediate vicinity of the connection
terminals of the supply voltage.
The power supply line must be fixed when connecting so that
clearance (4 mm)
electronic modules and/or their periphery and the power supply
line are not shorter than stipulated.
If the neutral line cannot be clearly identified, a second protecti-
on must be available in the electric power circuit so that 2-pole
separation from the electric circuit is possible.
The connection terminals must be protected against touching
inadvertantly by using the supplied cover.

4. Functional description

Two independent control circuits are installed on the mother-
First control circuit:
Supplies the control panel and the external users.
control panel supply
- Output
with 2.5 AF fuse
- Output
external user
with 2x1 AF fuse (2 outputs together).
Second control circuit:
Serves as a charger for the accumulators. The charging cur-
rent is limited to 1.1 A.
The accumulator charging voltage is monitored and ad-justed
according to the temperature with the aid of an NTC resistor.
charge terminating voltage
re leaving the factory (
If it requires resetting, proceed according to Chapter 6 "Set
charge terminating voltage".
The supply voltage for the control panel and external users does
not require adjusting as it is monitored and adjusted by the
accumulated charging voltage so that in case of a mains failure,
large voltage jumps are avoided.
Voltage surge protection:
The power supply is equipped with a voltage surge protection
which is triggered should the output voltage
case of a fault.
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insulating foil has been
creep paths (5 mm)
has been correctly set befo-
for Sonnenschein A500 series
exceed 18 V DC
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