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Manual Auto Operation; Adjusting The Direction Of Air Circulation; Operating Tips; Operation And Performance - Fujitsu AIRSTAGE ASYA18GACH Operating Manual

Indoor unit (wall mounted type)
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Table of Contents
OPERATION Indicator Lamp (green)
It lights on while operating.
TIMER Indicator Lamp (orange)
It lights on while timer is working.
FILTER Indicator Lamp (red)
It lights on if the fi lter became dirty. Clean the fi lter referring to
It lights off when FILTER RESET button of Remote Controller is
pressed after cleaning.
Intake Grille
Front Panel
Air Filter
UP/DOWN Airfl ow Direction Louvers
Moving Diffuser
Right-Left louver
(behind Airfl ow Direction Louver )
Drain Hose
Air Cleaning Filter
Control unit (optional)
Wireless Remote
Wired Remote Controller
For operation method, please refer to the Operating Manual of each


Use the MANUAL AUTO operation in the event the remote control unit is
lost or otherwise unavailable.
Do not press the MANUAL AUTO button with wet hands or pointed ob-
jects, otherwise an electric shock or malfunction may occur.

Starting Operation

Press the MANUAL AUTO button on the operating
control panel.
The operation can be set in the following setting.
Operating mode
When Auto mode cannot be selected, it will
operate in the same mode as the other indoor
unit in the same system. (When other indoor
unit in the same system doesn't operate, the air
conditioner will operate in cooling.)
Fan speed
Setting temperature
23 °C

Stopping Operation

Press the MANUAL AUTO button on the operating
control panel.
The vertical wind direction can be controlled with the control unit. The
horizontal wind direction can also be controlled in the same manner.
Vertical direction
Cooling & Dry : (1), [(2)], (3), (4), (5)
Heating :
[ ] : Can only be set with the wireless remote controller
Horizontal direction
Simple Remote
Cooling & Dry : (1), (2), (3), (4), (5)
Heating :


Operation and Performance

About priority state and standby state
Multiple indoor units can be connected within the same system. De-
pending on the system, choice of operating mode are limited.
Cooling priority
Heating priority
Standby state
Low ambient cooling
When the outdoor temperature drops, the outdoor unit's fans may
switch to Low Speed, or one of the fans may stop intermittently.
Heating performance
Heating mode operates on the heat-pump principle, absorbing heat
from outdoor air and transferring that heat indoors. As a result, the
operating performance is reduced as outdoor air temperature drops.
If you feel that insuffi cient heating performance is being produced, we
recommend you use this air conditioner in conjunction with another
type of heating appliance.
Heating mode heat your entire room by recirculating air throughout the
room, with the result that some time may be required after fi rst starting
the air conditioner until the room is heated.
(1), [(2)], (3), (4), (5)
(1), (2), (3), (4), (5)
When the other indoor units within the same system
operate in cooling or dry mode, heating can not be
selected at the same time.
When the other indoor units within the same system
operate in heating mode, cooling and dry mode can
not be selected at the same time.
The standby state activates when two or more indoor
units start up at the same time in different mode.
Any indoor unit other than priority mode will wait in
standby state until priority mode changes (operation
starts as soon as priority is switched).
At this time, the operation indicator lamp (green)
lights up and the timer indicator lamp (orange)
fl ashes.



Table of Contents

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