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Philips CD4453B/37 User Manual page 40

Philips cordless phone answer machine cd4453b
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Handset does not ring!
Increase the volume
Make sure that the adaptor and the phone
cord are connected properly
Move the handset closer to the base unit
Make sure the handset ringer is turned on
Caller does not hear me!
Microphone may be muted : During a call,
Noise interference on your radio or
Move the power adaptor or base station as
far away as possible
Product behaviour
Caller Line Identification (CLI) service
does not work
Check your subscription with your network
A phonebook entry cannot be stored
Check if the phonebook memory is full,
delete an entry to free memory.
The handset is unable to register
Make sure that
3 seconds
Each base can only register up to four
Answering Machine
The answering machine does not record
Make sure the answering machine is
connected to the power adaptor, and the
power adaptor is plugged into mains supply
which is switched on.
Check if the answer machine is off, or
Answer only mode is selected.
has been pressed for
Check to see if the answering machine is
memory full. If so, delete some or all
Try switching off the power at the main
socket, and then turn it on again after
1 minute.
Unable to perform remote operation
Make sure the remote access is on (see
Make sure you entered the correct remote
access code
Use a touch-tone phone
If the above solutions do not help, remove the
power from both the handset and the base.
Wait for 1 minute and try again.
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