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Acer Predator CG437K User Manual page 27

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• CIE 1931 positive and negative error of 0.05, ("HDR" according to current Panel to
• Color Space = HDR, the Modes = HDR, Picture page HDR = Auto.
• The signal content is SDR, the brightness can to adjustment, but content is HDR
the brightness is fixed at 100 and gray out unavailable.
• Modes = (Action/Racing/Sports/User/Standard/ECO/Graphic) is selected; the color
space is auto set to "General".
• Color space = (sRGB, Rec.709, HDR, EBU, DCI, SMPTE-C), If to adjust the
parameter the Modes will not jump to User mode, but the Color Space = "General"
is except.
• Color Space = (sRGB/Rec.709/HDR/EBU/DCI/SMPTE-C), 6-Axis Hue & Saturate
is gray out and unavailable.
• Color Space = (sRGB/Rec.709/HDR/EBU/DCI/SMPTE-C), Grayscale Mode is gray
out and unavailable.
Grayscale Mode: Select grayscale mode "On" or "Off".
• On: Color only black and white effect.
• Off: Normal color effect.
6-axis Hue: Adjust the Red Hue, Green Hue, Blue Hue, Yellow Hue, Magenta Hue ,
Cyan Hue or Reset.
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