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Checking The Tools You Are Using - Pioneer SGY-PM900H90 Installation Manual

Pedaling monitor sensor
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Checking the Tools You are Using

The following tools are necessary for installation, calibration, and repairs. Make sure that you have the tools you need before
you start working.
Sensor guide set (1)
Guide base (1)
Right sensor guide (1)
Left sensor guide (1)
Boss for left crank (1)
Pressure bonding tool set (1)
Main units (2)
Right adapter (1)
Left adapter (1)
Clamps (2)
Tweezers (1)
Scissors (1)
Precision screwdrivers (Phillips) (1)
Crank installer (1)
Torque wrench T30 (1)
Palette (1)
Spatula (1)
Snips (1)
Needle nose pliers (1)
Solvent (acetone) (1) [*]
Adhesive for sensors (1) [*]
[For American Users, For Canadian Users]
Loctite® E-20HP™ Hysol® 50ml
[For European Users]
Loctite® 9464™ A&B Hysol® 50ml
Caulking gun for the sensor adhesive (1)
LOCTITE No.96001 E-20HP
Mixing nozzle (1) [*]
Loctite No. 98455 (E-20HP)
Adhesive for covers (1) [*]
[For American Users, For Canadian Users]
Loctite® 5572™ 300 ml
[For European Users]
TEROSTAT® MS 9360™ 310ml
Items with an asterisk [*] are consumable.
Refer to the documentation for your crank set regarding the bicycle tools you need (chainring and crank set installation tools).
You need to procure adapters for sensor guides (left/right) and pressure bonding tools (left/right) that are suitable for the cranks on which
you are installing them.
Before using the adhesive for the sensors, use an oil-base pen to mark the cap in one location and the container in two locations as
shown in the diagram.
Caulking gun for adhesive for covers (1)
Double-sided tape for sensor guide (thin) (1) [*]
Rags (1) [*]
Masking tape (1) [*]
Hex wrench (2 mm) (1)
2-axis spirit level (1)
Double-sided tape for spirit level (thick) (1) [*]
Utility knife (1)
Calibration weight (1)
Weight (1)
Calibration pedal bolt (1)
Ruler (1)
2-axis spirit level (1)
Double-sided tape for spirit level (thick) (1) [*]
Cyclocomputer SGX-CA900 for calibration (1)
Utility knife (1)
Precision screwdrivers (flat-head) (1)
Rubber gaskets


Table of Contents

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