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Philips HX6932/02 User Manual page 5

Flexcare 900 series rechargeable sonic toothbrush
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4235.020.2278.2.indd 5
4235.020.2278.2.indd 5
Stop using a brush head with crushed or bent bristles. Replace the
brush head every 3 months or sooner if signs of wear appear.
Do not use other brush heads than the ones recommended by the
If your toothpaste contains peroxide, baking soda or bicarbonate
(common in whitening toothpastes), thoroughly clean the brush head
with soap and water after each use. This prevents possible cracking of
the plastic.
The UV light bulb is hot during and immediately after the sanitising
cycle. Do not touch the UV light bulb when it is hot.
Do not operate the sanitiser without the protective screen in place to
avoid contact with a hot bulb.
Electromagnetic fi elds (EMF)
This Philips appliance complies with all standards regarding electromagnetic
fi elds (EMF). If handled properly and according to the instructions in this
user manual, the appliance is safe to use based on scientifi c evidence
available today.
The Sonicare (Fig. 1)
A Hygienic travel cap
B Brush head
C Interchangeable colour code ring
D Handle with soft grip
E Power on/off button
F Personalised Brushing button
G Brushing modes
H Brushing routines
Deluxe recharge gauge
Deluxe charger (specifi c types only)
K Charger cover with brush head holder (specifi c types only)
L Travel charger
M Charger base with cord wrap
N UV sanitiser with integrated charger and cord wrap (specifi c types
Not shown: UV light bulb
Not shown: Sanitiser drip tray
Not shown: Protective screen for UV light bulb
Getting started
Changing the colour code ring
Sonicare brush heads come with interchangeable colour code rings to
identify your brush head.
To change the colour code ring:
17-04-2008 14:52:51
17-04-2008 14:52:51

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