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Philips HX6932/02 User Manual page 12

Flexcare 900 series rechargeable sonic toothbrush
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4235.020.2278.2.indd 12
4235.020.2278.2.indd 12
Remove the protective screen in front of the UV light bulb.
To remove the screen, gently lift it up (1) and pull it out (2).
Remove the UV light bulb.
To remove the light bulb, grasp it and pull it out of the metal clasp.
Clean the protective screen and the UV light bulb with a damp cloth.
Reinsert the UV light bulb.
To reinsert the light bulb, align the bottom of the light bulb with the metal
clasp and push the bulb into the clasp.
Reinsert the protective screen.
To reinsert the screen, align the pegs on the screen with the slots on the
refl ective surface near the UV light bulb. Then insert the pegs into the slots
and slide down the screen to secure it in the sanitiser.
If you are not going to use the appliance for a long time, remove the
mains plug from the wall socket. Then clean the appliance and store it
in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. You can use the cord
wrap to store the mains cord neatly.
You can store brush heads on the pegs at the back of the deluxe
charger (specifi c types only).
Brush head
Replace Sonicare brush heads every 3 months to achieve optimal
Use only Sonicare ProResults replacement brush heads.
UV light bulb
You can order replacement UV light bulbs from the Customer Care
Centre in your country or an authorised Philips service centre.
Do not throw away the appliance with the normal household waste
at the end of its life, but hand it in at an offi cial collection point for
recycling. By doing this, you help to preserve the environment.
The lamp of the sanitiser contains mercury, which is a substance that
can be harmful to the environment. When you discard the lamp, do not
throw it away with the normal household waste but hand it in at an
offi cial collection point.
The built-in rechargeable battery contains substances that may pollute
the environment. Always remove the battery before you discard and
hand in the appliance at an offi cial collection point. Dispose of the
battery at an offi cial collection point for batteries. If you have trouble
removing the battery, you can also take the appliance to a Philips
service centre. The staff of this centre will remove the battery for you
and will dispose of it in an environmentally safe way.
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17-04-2008 14:52:57

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