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Installing The Monitor; Using The Joystick Button; Mounting On A Table - LG 32MN58H Owner's Manual

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Installing the monitor

• When attaching the stand to the monitor set, place the screen
facing down on a cushioned table or flat surface to protect the
screen from scratches.
• Applying excessive force when tightening screws may cause
damage to the monitor. Damage caused in this way will not be
covered by the product warranty.
• If you use the monitor panel without the stand base, its joystick
button may cause the monitor to become unstable and fall,
resulting in damage to the monitor or human injury. In addition,
this may cause the joystick button to malfunction.
• Remove the stand before installing the monitor on a wall mount
by performing the stand attachment in reverse.
• To protect the screen from scratches, cover the surface with a soft

Using the joystick button

You can simply operate the monitor functions, pressing or moving the
joystick button up, down, left or right.
Joystick Button
Basic functions
When the monitor is turned off,
place your finger on the joystick
Power on
button and press it once and
release it.
When the monitor is turned on,
place your finger on the joystick
button, press it once for a few
Power off
seconds and release it. (However, if
the menu button is on the screen,
pressing and holding the joystick
button will let you exit the menu.)
If you place your finger over the
joystick button and move it left or
right, you can adjust the volume
level you want.
If you place your finger over the
joystick button and move it up or
down, you can change the menu.
• When your finger over the joystick button and push it to the up,
down, left or right, be careful not to press the joystick button.
Adjusting the menu
When the monitor is turned on, press the joystick button one time.
You can adjust the menu items moving the joystick button up, down,
left, or right.
Turns the power off.
Accesses the main menu.
Clears on-screen displays and returns to monitor viewing.
Changes the input source.

Mounting on a table

• Image shown may differ from your monitor.
1 Lift the monitor and place it on the table in an upright position.
- Place at least 100 mm away from the wall to ensure sufficient
100 mm
100 mm
2 Connect the AC-DC Adapter and Power Cord to a wall outlet.
• Do not place the monitor near or on sources of heat, as this may
result in fire or other damage.
• To avoid the risk of electric shock, disconnect the Power Cord
before moving or installing the monitor.
100 mm
100 mm


Table of Contents

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