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Temperature And Humidity; Safety And Maintenance; Low Battery Indication - Philips AJ260/93 User Manual

Philips weather clock radio aj260
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Temperature and humidity

– The weather forecast based on the
atmospheric pressure may vary slightly
from the actual weather situation.
– The weather forecasts from this unit are
predictions that covers the next 12 to 24
hours. It may not necessarily reflect the
current situation.
Using the sensor to detect
outdoor temperature
The main unit comes with a outdoor sensor.
Using the sensor, the unit is capable to meas-
ure and display outdoor temperature
through receiving data trasmitted from the
sensor placed at other location.
Wirelessly Connecting the sensor to
the main unit
1 Place the sensor in a desired open area.The
place must be within 50 meters away from
the main unit. Make sure the sensor is
loaded with the batteries.
For the first time using the outdoor sen-
sor and the main unit, press RESET located
on the sensor back, and RESET located in
the battery compartment of the main unit.
Then, the main unit will begin to receive
transmission from the sensor.
To update the outdoor temperature from
the sensor any time, press and hold AUTO
SCAN/DATE for 5 seconds.
The temperature will be updated from the
sensor about every 3 minutes.
➜ When the outdoor temperature is updating
with the sensor searching,
on the main unit. (See 4)
To Improve the sensor reception
In case of intermittent/no connection,
slide the CHANNEL switch to Channel 2
or 3, located in the battery compartment of
the sensor, then repeat the setup connection
described above.
reduce the distance between the sensor and
the main unit.
is displayed

Safety and maintenance

press and hold AUTO SCAN /DATE for
about 3 seconds to force the main unit to
search for the remote sensor signal.
– The effective range of the sensor is 50
meters away from the main unit.The range
may vary from the actual geographical
Indoor temperature and
The unit can also auto measure and display
current temperature. in Centigrade ( o C) or
Fahrenheit ( o F).
Press DISPLAY to toggle the display
between indoor temperature, indoor humidi-
ty and outdoor temperature (See 2, 3,
Press and hold DISPLAY to enter auto-
scroll mode. Screen mode will show for 5
To select between o C or o F reading, use the
( o C o F) slide switch (located in the battery
Illumination brightness
CONTROL once or more.
The brightness of the display can be adjusted:
Bright ➟ Low ➟ Off ➟ Bright

Low battery indication

When the batteries of the main unit or the
sensor are running low, the low battery icon
will be displayed on the main unit, or the
sensor, indicating that the batteries should be
replaced soon.



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