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Electrical safety
This tool is double insulated; therefore no earth wire
is required. Always check that the power supply
corresponds to the voltage on the rating plate.
This appliance is not intended for use by young or infirm
persons without supervision. Children must be supervised
to ensure they do not play with the appliance.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the
manufacturer or an authorised Black & Decker Service
Centre in order to avoid a hazard.
Additional safety instructions for hedgetrimmers
Wear safety glasses or goggles when operating this
Wear gloves when operating this tool.
Wear ear protection when operating this tool.
Immediately disconnect the cable from the mains if it
is damaged or cut.
Do not expose the tool to rain or high humidity.
Keep the cable away from the blades while using this tool.
If you have not used a hedgetrimmer before, preferably
seek practical instruction by an experienced user in addition
to studying this manual.
Never touch the blades while the tool is running.
Never attempt to force the blades to come to a standstill.
Do not put the tool down until the blades have come to a
complete standstill.
Regularly check the blades for damage and wear. Do not
use the tool when the blades are worn or damaged.
Take care to avoid hard objects (e.g. metal wire, railings)
when trimming. Should you accidentally hit any such object,
immediately switch the tool off and check for any damage.
Should the tool start to vibrate abnormally, immediately
switch it off and check for any damage.
If the tool stalls, immediately switch it off. Unplug the tool
before attempting to remove any obstructions.
After use, place the blade sheath supplied over the blades.
Store the tool, making sure that the blade is not exposed.
Always ensure that all guards are fitted when using the tool.
Never attempt to use an incomplete tool or a tool with
unauthorised modifications.
Never allow children to use the tool.
Be aware of falling debris when cutting the higher sides of
a hedge.
This tool includes some or all of the following features.
1. Trigger switch
2. Front handle switch
3. Front handle
4. Guard
5. Blade
6. Blade sheath
7. Cable restraint
This hedgetrimmer has the following features for your benefit:
Ergonomically formed handles for comfortable cutting.
Machined blades for improved cutting.
Dual action blades for reduced vibration.
Warning! Before assembly, make sure that the tool is
switched off and unplugged and that the blade sheath is fitted
over the blades.
Fitting the guard (fig. A)
Locate the guard (4) into the grooves (8).
Secure the guard using the two screws (9) supplied.
Warning! Never use the tool without the guard.
Connecting the tool to the mains (fig. B)
Unless the tool is fitted with a mains cable, you will need to
connect an extension cable to the power inlet.
Connect the female socket of a suitable extension cable to
the power inlet of the tool.
Loop the cable through the cable restraint (7) as shown to
prevent the extension cable from becoming detached
during use.
Insert the mains plug into a mains outlet.
Warning! The extension cable must be suitable for outdoor
use. When using a cable reel, always unwind the cable
Warning! Let the tool work at its own pace. Do not overload.
Carefully guide the cable in order to avoid accidentally
cutting it. A good way to control the cable is by putting it
over your shoulder.
For your safety, this tool is equipped with a double
switching system. This system prevents starting the tool
inadvertently and will only allow operation while holding
the tool with both hands.

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Table of Contents

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