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System Overview - Xerox VersaLink B7025 Service Manual

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Table of Contents

System Overview

NOTE: A video is available on the EDOC that provides additional information. The video is
accessible from the Library menu on the Service Interface.
Machine Configurations
The Xerox® VersaLink® B7025/B7030/B7035 is available in the following base configurations:
Copier - standalone digital copier; upgradeable to a multifunction device with optional
features and accessory kits
Multi Function Printer - provides full digital copier features with the flexibility of network
connections for printing and enhanced scanning capabilities
The basic configurations include:
Duplexing automatic document feeder (DADF); IOT with duplex path.
Color image input terminal (IIT) for full color document scanning.
Color scan to print from USB.
Color scan to email/mailbox.
Monochrome print engine running at 25, 30, or 35ppm.
One paper tray.
Offsetting center catch tray (exit 1 only) and exit 2 tray.
Multi sheet inserter (MSI/bypass tray).
Refer to
Desktop machine
with tray 1.
Machine with tray 1
and 1TM
Figure 1 Xerox® VersaLink® B7025/B7030/B7035
Launch Issue
Xerox® VersaLink® B7025/B7030/B7035 Multifunction Printer
Paper Supply Modules
The VersaLink® B7025/B7030/B7035 is available as a desktop machine or on a stand with
multiple paper supply modules.
STM - single tray module used in desktop configuration.
1TM - tray 1 tray module with wheeled stand.
3TM - three tray module.
TTM - tandem tray module.
Envelope tray.
2K HCF (requires 1TM/3TM/TTM).
Integrated office finisher.
Office finisher LX (requires 1TM/3TM/TTM).
Booklet creaser (requires office finisher).
Hole Punch (requires office finisher).
Work surface.
HDD (standard for stacked configurations).
Center tray/dual catch tray (standard for stacked configurations).
CAC reader.
Convenience stapler.
1 or 3 line fax.
Fax over IP (VOIP fax).
Adobe PS.
Machine with tray 1 and
April 2017
Product Technical Overview

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Table of Contents

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