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Storing Food - LG LRFDS3006 Series Owner's Manual

French door refrigerator
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• The automatic freezer icemaker produces 12
cubes at a time, 50-110 pieces within a 24 hour
period if conditions are favorable. This amount
may vary according to the environment (ambient
temperature around the appliance, frequency of
the door being opened, amount of food stored
in the appliance, etc.).
• If the ice bin is completely filled with ice, ice
production will stop.
• Sound of ice dropping into the ice bin is normal.
• The icemaker produces ice once approximately
48 hours have passed after the appliance is
initially installed.
• Discard the first ice cubes produced after initial
• Ice cubes which are stored in the ice bin for a
long time may clump together and be difficult to
separate. If this happens, empty the ice bin
completely and clean it before reinstalling it.
Turning the Automatic Icemaker
To turn the automatic icemaker On/Off, press the
power switch on the icemaker to the ON ( | ) or
OFF (O) position.
Normal Sounds You May Hear
• Keeping the power turned on to the icemaker
before the water line is connected can damage
the icemaker.
• The icemaker water valve buzzes as the
icemaker fills with water. If the icemaker power
button is in the ON mode, it will buzz even if it
has not yet been hooked up to water. To stop the
buzzing, press the icemaker power button to
turn it off.
• You will hear the sound of cubes dropping into
the bin and water running in the pipes as the
icemaker refills.
Preparing for Vacation
Set the icemaker power button to OFF and shut off
the water supply to the refrigerator.
• The ice bin should be emptied any time the
icemaker power button is turned to the OFF
If the ambient temperature will drop below
freezing, have a qualified technician drain the
water supply system to prevent serious property
damage due to flooding caused by ruptured water
lines or connections.

Storing Food

Food Storage Tips
Wrap or store food in the refrigerator in airtight
and moisture-proof material unless otherwise
noted. This prevents food odor and taste transfer
throughout the refrigerator. For dated products,
check date code to ensure freshness.
• Do not overfill or pack items too tightly into door
bins. Doing so may cause damage to the bin or
personal injury if items are removed with
excessive force.
• Do not store glass containers in the freezer.
Contents may expand when frozen, break the
container and cause injury.
How to Store
Butter or
Keep opened butter in covered dish
or closed compartment. When
storing an extra supply, wrap in
freezer packaging and freeze.
Store in original wrapping until
used. Once opened, rewrap tightly
in plastic wrap or aluminum foil.
Wipe milk cartons. For coldest milk,
place containers on an interior
Store in original carton on interior
shelf, not on door shelf.
Do not wash or hull fruit until it is
ready to be used. Sort and keep fruit
in original container in a crisper, or
store in completely closed paper
bag on refrigerator shelf.

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