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Huawei ESS-480-72BCN1 Quick Manual

Ups5000-e-(25 kva-75 kva)-bf modular battery cabinet


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UPS5000-E-(25 kVA-75 kVA)-BF Modular
Battery Cabinet
Quick Guide
Issue: 02
Part Number: 31507794
Date: 2017-09-22



Summary of Contents for Huawei ESS-480-72BCN1

  • Page 1 UPS5000-E-(25 kVA-75 kVA)-BF Modular Battery Cabinet Quick Guide Issue: 02 Part Number: 31507794 Date: 2017-09-22 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.
  • Page 2: Product Overview

    Each battery module contains ten 12 V/9 Ah lead-acid batteries. (1) Cabinet (2) Battery modules (3) CAN expansion card (4) Battery switch (5) Folder NOTICE Use insulated tools when installing the equipment. Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. 2017. All rights reserved.
  • Page 3 Installing a Battery Cabinet 1. (Optional, for secured installation) Determine the position for installing the cabinet. Mark mounting holes based on the marking-off template, which is delivered with the battery cabinet. Top view Unit: mm 2. (Optional, for secured installation) Use a hammer drill to drill holes for installing expansion bolts and then install four expansion bolts in the holes.
  • Page 4: Installing Cables

    6. (Optional, for secured installation) Remove the rear cover from the cabinet and open the front door of the cabinet. To prevent electric shocks, ensure that battery modules are not installed before removing the rear cover from the cabinet. 7. (Optional, for secured installation) Remove 8.
  • Page 5 Cable Connection Reference 1. Route a cable into the cabinet. 2. Pull the cable to the copper bar to which the cable will be connected, determine the cable length, and label the cable. • Mark a line where the cable is to be cut. •...
  • Page 6 Connecting Cables 1. Remove the cover from the power 2. Remove the big cover from the cabinet distribution subrack. bottom, drill holes based on site conditions, and reinstall the big cover in the cabinet. 3. Connect the ground cable. 4. Connect one end of the battery cable to 5.
  • Page 7 NOTE This document describes how to connect cables between battery cabinets and UPS5000-E- 75K-BF as an example. A maximum of four battery cabinets can be connected in parallel. If there is more than one battery cabinet, connect the +, N, and – copper bars of the two battery cabinets nearby in parallel by using cables.
  • Page 8 7. Set the DIP switches of CAN expansion card. Connect the communications cable between the battery cabinet and the CAN expansion card in the UPS cabinet. DIP1 to DIP4 represent the four bits of the DIP switch. DIP2 is the least significant bit and DIP4 is the most significant bit.
  • Page 9: Verifying The Installation

    Verifying the Installation 1. Check that there is no foreign matter in the cabinet. (3) Cabinet bottom (1) Wiring terminal block (2) Switches 2. After verifying the installation, reinstall all the covers. 3. In the scenarios where holes are drilled for routing cables or covers are removed for routing cables, after routing cables and checking cable connections, use firestop putty to fill in the gap between the cables and the cabinet.
  • Page 10 Installing Battery Modules 1. Before installing battery modules, carefully read the battery safety precautions. 2. Place the battery modules in a correct way to prevent vibrations and shocks. 3. Install the battery modules from the lower layer to the upper layer to prevent falling over due to top-heaviness.
  • Page 11 3. When the battery module ready 4. Rotate the battery module ready switch is in the unlocked state, switch to the locked state. insert the battery module. Appendix: Installing Batteries 1. Remove the screws that secure the 2. Connect a signal cable to the indicator plate upper cover of the battery module, and in the front of the battery module.
  • Page 12 4. Install and bind the cables. NOTICE Temporarily do not connect the cables between the two batteries in the middle of the battery string so that a battery loop is not formed and operations can be performed with power off. (1) Cable between (2) Cable between the positive (3) Cable between the negative terminal of...
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