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Safety Instructions; Liability Disclaimer; Latest Information And Correction Sheet - Siemens SIRIUS 3TK2826 Manual

Industrial switchgear, monitoring and control devices safety relay
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Safety instructions


Liability disclaimer

Liability disclaimer
The products described here were developed to perform safety-oriented functions as part of
an overall installation or machine. A complete safety-oriented system generally features
sensors, evaluation units, signaling units, and reliable shutdown concepts. It is the
responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that a system or machine is functioning properly
as a whole. Siemens AG, its regional offices, and associated companies (hereinafter referred
to as "Siemens") cannot guarantee all the properties of a whole plant system or machine that
has not been designed by Siemens.
Nor can Siemens assume liability for recommendations that appear or are implied in the
following description. No new guarantee, warranty, or liability claims beyond the scope of the
Siemens general terms of supply are to be derived or inferred from the following description.

Latest information and correction sheet

Up-to-the-minute information
You can obtain further assistance by calling the following numbers:
Technical Assistance:
Phone: +49 (0) 911-895-5900 (8°° - 17°° CET)
Fax: +49 (0) 911-895-5907
or on the Internet at:
Technical Support:
Phone: +49 (0) 180 50 50 222
Correction sheet
A correction sheet is included at the end of the manual. Please use it to record your
suggestions for improvements, additions and corrections, and return the sheet to us. This will
help us to improve the next edition of the manual.
3TK2826 safety relay
Manual, 08/2007, GWA NEB 926 1579-02 DS 02