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Control Play; Use Advanced Sound Settings - Philips DS6800W/37 User Manual

Philips fidelio fidelio soundsphere mini wireless speaker with airplay ds6800w
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Select Philips_Fidelio_AirPlay XXXX (or
user customized name) from the AirPlay
Select a media À le and start play.
» After a while, you will hear music from
When you stream audio from your iTunes music library
on a PC/Mac, you can select more than one AirPlay-
enabled devices (if available) at step 3 to stream music
to all of them at the same time.
If you are using an earlier version of iTunes, the AirPlay
icon may be
instead of

Control play

You can select different play options from either
your iTunes host device or DS6800W.
The operations below are based on the supplied
remote control of DS6800W.
Make sure that you have successfully streamed audio
from your iTunes music library to DS6800W.
To start or pause play, press
To skip to the previous or next track, press
/ .
To adjust volume, press +/- repeatedly.
To mute or restore volume, press
To switch to the AirPlay audio source,
press AirPlay .
To switch the USB audio source (if
connected), press
To switch to the MP3 link audio source (if
connected), press .

Use advanced sound settings

If your iTunes host device is an iPod touch/
For advanced sound settings and additional
features, you can use your iPod touch/iPhone/
iPad to download the Philips Fidelio application
from Apple App Store. It is a free application
from Philips.
If your iTunes host device is a Wi-Fi enabled
For advanced sound settings, you can use the
equalizer available on iTunes directly ( View ->
Show Equalizer ).
See the iTunes help documentation for more details.



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