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Philips DS6800W/37 User Manual page 12

Philips fidelio fidelio soundsphere mini wireless speaker with airplay ds6800w
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Connect your Wi-Fi enabled device to
your existing home Wi-Fi network.
Launch the Internet browser (for example,
Apple Safari or Microsoft Internet
Explorer) on your Wi-Fi enabled device.
Open the conÀ guration page of your
home Wi-Fi router.
Find the Wi-Fi settings tab and write down
the following information on paper:
A Network name (SSID)
B Wi-Fi security mode (usually WEP,
WPA or WPA2 if enabled)
C Wi-Fi password (if Wi-Fi security is
D DHCP mode (enabled or disabled)
E Static IP address settings (if DHCP
mode is disabled)
Switch DS6800W to Assisted Wi-Fi
Setup mode
After successful boot-up , press and hold
Wi-Fi SETUP on the back of the main
speaker for more than 5 seconds.
» The Wi-Fi SETUP indicator blinks
green and yellow alternately.
» A new Wi-Fi network of DS6800W
itself is created, with the network name
(SSID) of Philips Fidelio AirPlay .
» It takes about 45 seconds for successful
creation of this new Wi-Fi network.
After you À nish manual Wi-Fi setting for DS6800W, this
new Wi-Fi network disappears.
If you fail to enter Assisted Wi-Fi Setup mode, power
off DS6800W and power on it, then try again after
successful boot-up.
Make sure that there are no other Philips AirPlay-
enabled devices in Assisted Wi-Fi Setup mode at the
same time. Multiple new Wi-Fi networks created this
way may interfere with each other.
Connect your Wi-Fi enabled device to
the newly created Wi-Fi network
The new Wi-Fi network created by DS6800W
only allows access of one Wi-Fi enabled device.
To avoid interference from any other Wi-Fi
devices, you are recommended to temporarily
disable the Wi-Fi function on your other Wi-Fi
Option 1: Use your iPod touch/iPhone/iPad
Select Settings -> Wi-Fi on your iPod
Select Philips Fidelio AirPlay from the list
of available networks.



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