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Disc Operations; Playable Discs; Region Codes; Playing Discs - Philips DVP3005K/69 User Manual

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Disc Operations

– If the inhibit icon (ø) appears on
the TV screen when a button is
pressed, it means the function is not
available on the current disc or at
the current time.
– Depending on the DVD or VIDEO
CD, some operations may be
different or restricted.
– Do not push on the disc tray or
put any objects other than disc on
the disc tray. Doing so may cause
the disc player malfunction.

Playable Discs

Your DVD Player will play:
– Digital Video Discs (DVDs)
– Video CDs (VCDs)
– Super Video CDs (SVCDs)
– Digital Video Discs +
Recordable[Rewritable] (DVD+R[W])
– Compact Discs (CDs)
– MP3 discs, picture (Kodak, JPEG) files
on CD-R(W).
– JPEG/ISO 9660 format
– Maximum 30 characters display.
– Supported sampling frequencies :
32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz (MPEG-1)
16 kHz, 22.05 kHz, 24 kHz (MPEG-2)
– Supported Bit-rates : 32~256 kbps
(MPEG-1), 8~160 kbps (MPEG-2)
variable bitrates
The operating features described here might not be possible for certain discs. Always refer
to the instructions supplied with the discs.
01-37 DVP3005K_691

Region Codes

DVD discs must be labeled for ALL
regions or Region 3 in order to
play on this Player. You cannot play
Discs that are labeled for other
Helpful Hints:
It may not be possible to play CD-R/RW
or DVD-R/RW in all cases due to the type of
disc or condition of the recording.
If you are having trouble playing a
certain disc, remove the disc and try a
different one. Improper formatted disc will
not play on this DVD Player.

Playing discs

Connect the power cords of the DVD
Player and TV (and any optional stereo or
AV receiver) to a power outlet.
Turn on the TV power and set to the
correct Video In channel. (See page 14
"Setting up the TV").
Press STANDBY-ON on the DVD Player
front panel.
You should see the Philips DVD
background screen on the TV.
Press OPEN/CLOSE 0 button to open
the disc tray and load in a disc, then press
the same button again to close the disc
Make sure the label side is facing up.
For double-sided discs, load the side you
want to play facing up.
Playback will start automatically. If not
press PLAY B.
If a disc menu appears on the TV, see
page 20 "Using the Disc Menu".
If the disc is locked by parental control,
you must enter your six-digit password.
(See page 33).
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