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Accessing The Live Video Stream; Aiming The Camera - Motorola Avigilon H4M-MT-DCIL Installation Manual

Mini dome camera with ceiling mount adapter
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Accessing the Live Video Stream
Live video stream can be viewed using one of the following methods:
Web browser interface: http://< camera IP address>/.
Network Video Management software application (for example, the Avigilon Control Center™
Depending on the manufacture date of your camera, you will have one of the two options below to
log in for the first time:
Cameras manufactured after January 1, 2020: these cameras do not have a default username
or password and will be in a factory default state. You must create a user with administrator
privileges before the camera is operational. For more information, see
Username and Password on
Cameras manufactured before January 1, 2020: login to the camera using the default
username of administrator with no password. It is recommended that you change the
password after your first login.

Aiming the Camera

Note: When you are aiming the camera, reference the live stream for the camera.
1. Unlock the orange locking latch on the camera base if it is already locked. The lens should be
pointing in the general direction of the intended view.
The arrow indicator between the optical window and the camera base indicates the top of the view.
2. Start with the arrow indicator as close to the mounting adapter as possible. Make pan adjustments
(see number 1 in the image below) until the lens is pointed in the intended direction. Then make the
necessary tilt (see number 2 in the image below)and azimuth (see number 3 in the image below)
adjustments until the live view is adjusted to your satisfaction.
Accessing the Live Video Stream
page 14.
Initializing a Camera


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