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Assembling the grass collection box (fig. A, B, C, D
and E)
The grass box requires assembly before use and comes in 5
Clip the handle (15) into the lid (14a) of the grass box
(fig. B). The handle will only fit one way round.
Clip the 2 sides (14b) and (14c) of the grass collection box
together. Make sure that all clips and guides are aligned
(fig. C).
Align the lid (14a) onto the assembled grass collection
box. Ensure that the 10 guides are aligned (fig. D)
Align the assembled sides onto the bottom (14d) of the
grass collection box. Ensure that the 4 guides are
aligned (fig. E)
Push the 2 parts together. Apply even force around all
edges of the grass collection box securing the clips
into position uniformly. Check that each clip is fastened
together securely.
Fitting the lower handle (fig. F)
Insert the ends of the lower handles (9) into the
corresponding holes in the mower.
Press the handle down as far as it will go.
Secure the handle using the screws.
Assembling the upper handle (fig. G)
Fit the upper handle part to the lower handle using the
handle knobs (7) , washers and screws as shown.
Securing the motor cable (fig. H)
The motor cable has to be fixed using the cable restraint.
Snap a restraint clip (16) around the cable and lower
handle about 150mm below the handle knob (7).
Fitting the grass collection box (fig. I)
Lift the flap (10) and place the grass collection box (14)
ensuring the recesses (14f) fit over the lugs (14g).
Proper Hand Position (Fig. J)
Warning! To reduce the risk of serious personal injury,
ALWAYS use proper hand position as shown.
Warning!: To reduce the risk of serious personal injury,
ALWAYS hold securely in anticipation of a sudden
Proper hand position requires one hand on each of the
comfort grip handles (2).
(Fig. J1)
EasySteer Innovation - The innovative handle design easily
moves from left to right at the push of a button, giving you
precision control and manouvrability around your garden.
(Original instructions)
Adjusting the height of cut (fig. K)
The height of cut is adjusted by the central height adjust
mechanism, there are 6 positions to choose from.
Pull the height adjustment lever (13) away from the body
of the unit.
Move the lever towards the rear of the appliance to
lower the height of cut.
Move the lever towards the front of the appliance to
raise the height of cut.
Push the height adjustment lever into one of the 6
height locations.
NOTE: The height of cut can be viewed on the height of cut
gauge (12) on the side of the unit.
Switching on and off (fig. M)
Switching on
Push the power button (1).
Pull the left or right ON/OFF switch (3) towards the handle.
Switching off
Release ON/OFF switches (3).
Warning! Never attempt to lock a switch in the on position.
Mowing (fig. N, O1 & O2)
We recommend to use your mower as outlined in this section
in order to achieve optimum results and to reduce the risk of
cutting the mains cable.
Loop the extension cord through the cable
management system (5) (BEMW471ES, BEMW481ES
units only) as shown (Fig. N). Ensure you
leave approximately 100 of cord between the power
switch (1) and the cable management system.
Ensure that the cable management system
(BEMW471ES, BEMW481ES GB units only) can slide
freely from one side to the other.
Place the bulk of the mains cable on the lawn, close to the
starting point (position 1 in fig. O1).
Switch the appliance on as described above.
Proceed as shown in fig. O1
Move from position 1 to position 2.
Turn right and proceed towards position 3. The cable
management system will slide from one side to the other,
ensuring the extension cord is kept away from the cutting
Turn left and move towards position 4.
Repeat the above procedure as required.
Warning! Do not work towards the cable as shown in fig. O2.
Up to edge cutting (fig. P, Q)
Up to edge cutting allows you to cut grass right up to the edge
of a wall or fence (fig P).
Up to edge cutting allows you to accurately cut grass right up
to the edge of your lawn (fig Q).

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