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Black & Decker BSL100 Instruction Manual page 9

Black & decker rechargeable led spotlight instruction manual
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Your charger has been designed for a specific voltage.
Always check that the mains voltage corresponds to the
voltage on the rating plate.
Warning! Never attempt to replace the charger unit with a
regular mains plug.
Use your Black & Decker charger only to charge the battery
in the tool with which it was supplied. Other batteries could
burst, causing personal injury and damage.
Have defective cords replaced immediately.
Do not expose the charger to water.
Do not open the charger.
Do not probe the charger.
The spotlight must be placed in a well ventilated area when
All batteries lose charge with time, specially when they are
warm. Recharge the unit every two months for 24 hours
when not in frequent use.
If the unit is not going to be used for extended periods,
disconnect the charger and store in a cool, dry place.
The following symbols are found on your charger:
Your charger is double insulated; therefore no earth
wire is required.
Read all of this instruction manual carefully.
This appliance is intended for indoor use only
The charger automatically shuts off if the ambient
temperature becomes too high. As a consequence
the charger will be inoperable. The charging base
must be disconnected from the mains supply and
taken to an authorised service centre for repair.
This product must not be disposed of with normal
household waste.
Electrical safety
Your charger is double insulated; therefore no earth
wire is required. Always check that the main voltage
corresponds to the voltage on the rating plate.
Warning! If the power cord is damaged, it must be
replaced by the manufacturer, authorized
Black & Decker Service Center or an equally qualified
person in order to avoid damage or injury. If the power
cord is replaced by an equally qualified person, but
not authorized by Black & Decker, the warranty will
not be valid.
This appliance includes some or all of the following features:
1. Rubber ring guard
2. Charge LED
3. Charging socket
4. Carry lanyard
5. Trigger switch
6. Charger jack plug
7. Mains charging adaptor
Charging the spotlight
This spotlight is shipped in a partially charged state.
Charge the spotlight before first use using the mains
charging adaptor (7) for 18 hours.
Warning! Do not charge for longer than 48 hours.
Insert the charger jack plug (6) into the charging
socket (3).
Insert the mains charging adaptor (7) into a mains
power socket.
The red charge LED (2) will light when the unit is
Before operating the spotlight remove the charger jack
plug (6) from the charging socket (3).
Using the built-in carry lanyard
The carry lanyard (4) may be used to store or carry the
spotlight. Adjust the slide on the cords to keep the
lanyard secure around the supporting object.



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