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Siemens SINAMICS G110D Series Getting Started page 9

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Danger to life due to fire spreading if housing is inadequate
Fire and smoke development can cause severe personal injury or material damage.
• Install devices without a protective housing in a metal control cabinet (or protect the
• Ensure that smoke can only escape via controlled and monitored paths.
Danger to life through unexpected movement of machines when using mobile wireless
devices or mobile phones
Using mobile wireless devices or mobile phones with a transmit power > 1 W closer than
approx. 2 m to the components may cause the devices to malfunction, influence the
functional safety of machines therefore putting people at risk or causing material damage.
• Switch the wireless devices or mobile phones off in the immediate vicinity of the
Danger to life due to the motor catching fire in the event of insulation overload
There is higher stress on the motor insulation through a ground fault in an IT system. If the
insulation fails, it is possible that death or severe injury can occur as a result of smoke and
• Use a monitoring device that signals an insulation fault.
• Correct the fault as quickly as possible so the motor insulation is not overloaded.
Danger to life due to fire if overheating occurs because of insufficient ventilation clearances
Inadequate ventilation clearances can cause overheating of components with subsequent
fire and smoke. This can cause severe injury or even death. This can also result in
increased downtime and reduced service lives for devices/systems.
• Ensure compliance with the specified minimum clearance as ventilation clearance for
Getting Started, 07/2016, FW V3.63, A5E38556288B AA
device by another equivalent measure) in such a way that contact with fire is prevented.
the respective component.
Fundamental safety instructions
1.1 General safety instructions



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