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Example Application - Siemens SINAMICS G110D Series Getting Started

Distributed converter
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Example application

Commissioning the applications
The following information is provided to allow a simple conveyor application to be setup. The
logic and control mechanism is provided by a PLC.
The conveyor section consists of three sensors:
● A: This sensor detects the arrival of an item on the conveyor.
● B: This sensor detects the item and signals the next section to start and be ready to
receive an item. This requires two speeds, one for the normal movement of the load and
a faster speed for the transfer between conveyor sections.
● C: This sensor detects the load leaving the conveyor section.
The sensors are directly connected to the Inverter to allow their individual status to be sent to
the controlling PLC.
Getting Started, 07/2016, FW V3.63, A5E38556288B AA
5.4 Example application



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