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Using The As-I Programmer - Siemens SINAMICS G110D Series Getting Started

Distributed converter
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Electrical Installation

3.4 Using the AS-i Programmer

Using the AS-i Programmer
Setting the slave address with the AS-i Address Programmer
The Inverter contains two logical AS-i slaves. Either slave can be assigned an address in the
range 1A...31A or 1B...31B. The addresses can be allocated to the slaves sequentially, for
example, 3A and 4A, 10B and 11B or they can occupy the same number using extended
addressing, for example, 20A and 20B. If necessary they can have completely different
unassociated addresses, for example, 14A and 16B.
The decision on how to allocate these addresses must also take into account the addressing
used in the PLC program by either adherence to the memory map of the AS-i master or the
way in which the inputs and outputs can be allocated by the PLC hardware configuration.
The default address of both slaves is 0.
Setting the AS-i address of slave 1
Plug the AS-i Programmer into the addressing socket of the Inverter.
Turn the dial on the Programmer to the ADDR position. The display
will indicate that this mode has been selected.
Press the
button; the screen will display the text, SEt 0 with a
small flashing 0 to the left of the display.
Press the
button until you reach the required number.
By pressing both the
identifiers of the address.
Press the
button to confirm the selected address.
ProG is momentarily displayed, followed by AddrES.
The number allocated to slave 1 is now shown at the bottom of the
simultaneously, you can toggle between A and B
Getting Started, 07/2016, FW V3.63, A5E38556288B AA



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