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Siemens SINAMICS G110D Series Getting Started page 34

Distributed converter
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Electrical Installation
3.3 Configuring the AS-i slave
Addressing the AS-i device
To address the AS-i device (in this case, the Inverter), the following actions should be
AS-i Master
The AS-i Master must be disconnected from the network prior to addressing any AS-i
slaves. If the AS-i Master is connected to the network during the addressing process, the
addressing of an AS-i slave will not be possible.
Addressing Unit
When assigning the address of the slaves in the Inverter with the Addressing Unit, the
digital inputs and analog input must be disconnected to prevent the Addressing Unit from
being overloaded by their power consumption.
When the Addressing Unit is plugged into the device address port of the Inverter; the AS-i
communications are terminated automatically. Therefore there is no requirement to
disconnect the M12 AS-i connection on the Inverter.
1. Connect the M12 connector to the Inverter AS-i port
2. Connect the AS-i cable to the M12 branch
3. Remove the Control Unit cover
4. Connect the Address Programmer to the AS-i addressing port on the Inverter
5. The address of the Inverter (as a slave device) can now be completed. See next section
for full instructions on address the slaves using the Address Programmer.
6. Refit the Control Unit cover, ensure that the seals are correctly in place to preserve the
Inverter IP65 rating.
Getting Started, 07/2016, FW V3.63, A5E38556288B AA



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