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How To Use - Black & Decker VC3200 Use And Care Book Manual

Black & decker use and care manual aspiradora vacuum cleaner vc3200
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Flexible Swivel Hose
1. To connect hose, push connector end into the opening
on the front of the vacuum canister until it clicks into
place (D).
2. To remove, press the release button on the hose
connector and pull out (E).
Expandable Telescopic Chrome Wand
1. First connect the chrome wand with the expandable end.
Push end into the sweeper (F).
2. Connect the other end of the chrome wand into the
flexible hose (G).
Tip: You might have to twist chrome wand slightly for
a firm fit.
3. To remove chrome wand, just pull out at the ends.

How to Use

This appliance is intended for household use. It is for indoor use only.
Important: The power cord has a yellow marking and a red marking to help
you determine the maximum length to use. Up to the yellow marking is the
recommended length. Never pull cord beyond the red marking.
1. Holding the power cord by the plug, pull out the required length and plug
into a standard electric outlet.
2. With your foot, press the On/Off step-on push button to
start the vacuum cleaner (H).
3. Adjust the suction power by sliding the vacuum suction
control on the hose or the suction switch on the vacuum
canister (J).
4. Press the foot pedal on the sweeper to switch to floors or
carpets (K).
5. As you vacuum, check the removable plastic dust
collector frequently; when the dust collector is full empty
it. To empty the dust collector, see Dust Collector in the
Care and Cleaning section.
6. When finished vacuuming, press the On/Off step-on push button to turn off
the unit.
7. Unplug unit.
8. Press the retractable cord step-on push button with your
foot. The cord winds back into the unit (L).
• The cord moves fast when retracting. Stand clear of the
cord as it rewinds so it does not swing into you.
• To prevent cord from whipping when rewinding, hold
plug when rewinding onto cord reel.
Expandable Telescopic Chrome Wand
Use the expandable telescopic chrome wand for a longer
1. To adjust the telescopic chrome wand to the desired
length, release it by pressing the release button forward
as you pull up the wand (M). The telescopic chrome
wand will stay at the set length.
2. Press the release button forward again to bring the
telescopic chrome wand down.



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