What Is The Cisco 7576 - Cisco 7513 Series Manual

Chassis replacement and upgrade instructions
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What is the Cisco 7576?

Figure 1
Cisco 7513—Interface Processor End
Blower module
Card cage and
processor modules
Air intake vent
Power supplies
Chassis grounding
receptacle (2)
What is the Cisco 7576?
The Cisco 7576 is an independent dual router system that supports multiprotocol, multimedia
routing and bridging with a wide variety of protocols and any combination of available electrical
interfaces and media. The Cisco 7576 consists of two independent routers on a single split backplane
within the chassis footprint of a Cisco 7513 router.
Network interfaces reside on interface processors that provide a direct connection between two
independent dual CyBuses in the Cisco 7576 and your external networks. The backplane of the
Cisco 7576 has 13 slots and provides two routers on a single split backplane, designated router A
and router B. Router A uses interface processor slots 0 through 5 and a Route Switch Processor
(RSP4) in slot 6. Router B uses interface processor slots 8 through 12 and a Route Switch Processor
(RSP4) in slot 7.
There are bays for up to two AC-input or DC-input power supplies. The chassis will operate with
one power supply. While a second power supply is not required, it allows load sharing and increased
system availability.
Cisco 7513 and Cisco 7576 Chassis Replacement and Upgrade Instructions



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