Appendix - Kenwood DRV-A501W Instruction Manual

Gps integrated dashboard camera
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I press the MENU button but
nothing happens
When I download files from
the KENWOOD website a
malicious software message
Unresolved Issues


About the monitor screen
Do not subject the screen section to strong shocks. Doing so could damage the screen.
Do not let direct sunlight shine on the screen. Leaving the screen with direct sunlight
shining on it for long periods of time will increase the temperature and could damage the
Extremely high or low temperatures could cause the display to operate slowly or darken,
or result in residual images. This is due to the properties of liquid crystal displays and is not
a malfunction. Normal operation will return once the temperature in the car returns to
There may be small dots on the screen. This is a phenomenon typical of liquid crystal
displays and is not a malfunction.
Due to the properties of liquid crystal displays, the display may be hard to see depending
on the angle at which it is viewed, but this is not a malfunction.
Wireless Link Specification
Frequency Range
Transfer Rate
Output Power
Reminder: The device will not let you access the menu
while it is recording. To access the menu, stop recording and
the MENU feature will be accessible.
If this message appears, simply adjust your browser settings
and allow for the download to proceed. Once complete,
reset your browser security to protect your computer.
If you continue to have problems with your device,
please reset your device to default settings
in the setup menu and begin the process over again.
If these problems remain, Please contact your store of
purchase or a service center.
2400-2483MHz ISM band
150Mbps (802.11n)
13dBm±2dB (802.11n)

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