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How To Use; Care And Cleaning - Black & Decker FRESHGUARD VS1300 Use And Care Book Manual

Professional-performance vacuum system
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Product may vary slightly from what is illustrated.
Este producto puede variar ligeramente del que aparece ilustrado.
Le produit peut différer légèrement de celui illustré.
1. Lid
1. Tapa
2. Vacuum / seal button
2. Botón de vacío
y de sellar
3. Canister hose port
3. Orificio de vacío
4. Hose
del envase
5. Cord Storage
4. Manguera
6. 1 and 1 1/2" Quart
5. Almacenaje para el cable
6. Envases de 1 litro y
de 1 1/2 litros
Page 4
1. Couvercle
2. Bouton d'aspiration
et de scellage
3. Orifice de scellage
du bocal
4. Boyau
5. Rangement du cordon
6. Bocaux de 1 pinte
et de 1,5 pintes

How to use

How to use the FreshGUARD™ Professional-Performance Vacuum System
canisters to vacuum seal:
1. Place food in canister, then place lid on canister (A).
2. Plug unit and lift lid .
3. Attach the small end of the hose to the canister
hose port (B).
4. Press and hold the canister vacuum button, until
the unit starts to vacuum (C).
5. After the unit has started, place the large end of the
hose over the vacuum port in the center of the lid. (D).
Unit will automatically shut off when canister is
vacuum sealed.
6. Detach the hose from the canister.
7. For convenience, wrap cord and place inside
cord storage.
8. Close unit lid.
9. Unplug unit.

Care and Cleaning

Cleaning the Vacuum Chamber
1. Wipe the unit with a damp cloth and dry thoroughtly.
Do not immerse the unit in liquid.
2. Canisters can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.
Important: Be careful not to let any liquid enter the
canister hose port.



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