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Installation; Preparation; Keypad On Top Of The Tv - Philips 29PT9420/69R User Manual

Philips matchline tv 29pt9420 29" 100hz digital scan with pixel plus
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Place the TV on a solid surface.
For ventilation, leave at least 5 cm free all
around the TV.
Do not place the TV on a carpet.
To prevent any unsafe situations, do not place
any objects on top of the TV. Avoid heat,
direct sunlight and exposure to rain or water.
Keep mobile telephones at a safe distance to
avoid disturbances in picture and sound.
Insert the aerial plug firmly into the aerial
socket x at the back of the TV. For best
picture quality use the suppressor-aerial cable
Remote control: Remove the cover of the
battery compartment.
Insert the 2 batteries supplied (Type R6-1,5V).

Keypad on top of the TV



m in .
1 m
AA - 1,5V
Should your remote be lost or broken you can still change
some of the basic settings with the keys on top of your TV.
• Press the V - or + key to adjust the volume.
• Press the CH - and + key to browse through the TV
• Press the
- Sometimes not all the menu items are visible on the screen.
- Exit lets you dismiss the menu. Select
The batteries supplied do not contain the
heavy metals mercury and cadmium.
Nevertheless in many countries exhausted
batteries may not be disposed of with your
household waste. Please check on how to
dispose of exhausted batteries according to
local regulations.
Note: this remote control functions with TVs and
other equipment which use the RC6 signalling
Insert the mains plug of the TV in the wall
socket having a mains voltage of 220V-240V.
To prevent damaging the mains (AC) cord
which could cause a fire or electric shock, do
not place the TV on the cord.
Switch the TV on : Press the power switch
A on the front of your TV.
A green indicator on the front of the TV
lights up when the screen is on.
If the indicator is red, press the
on the remote control.
The green lamp blinks every time you press a key
on the remote control.
When you switch on your set for the first time,
the menu
the screen. The explanation appears in different
languages one at a time. Choose your own
language and press the OK key on the remote
channels or sources stored and to select them.
key to summon the main menu.
Use the V - and + keys to select the menu items in the
horizontal axis.
Use the
- and + keys to select submenu items in the
vertical axis.
Press the
+ key to reveal all items.
- CH +
automatically appears on
and press the



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