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Installing And Removing Power Supplies - Cisco UCS 5108 Installation Manual

Server chassis
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Installing and Removing Components

Installing and Removing Power Supplies

The AC and DC power supplies are keyed to work only with the power distribution system in their respective
chassis version. Mixing AC and DC in a given chassis is not supported.
Installing a Power Supply
All power supply models (N20-PAC5-2500W, UCSB-PSU-2500ACPL, or UCSB-PSU-2500DC48) install
using the same process.
Step 1
Place the power supply's handle in the up position.
Step 2
Hold the power supply with both hands, and then slide it into the power supply bay,
Step 3
Press the handle down, and give the power supply a gentle push inward to ensure that the power supply is
fully seated into the Power Distribution Unit (PDU).
Step 4
Tighten the captive screw.
Step 5
For an AC installation, plug the power cable into the corresponding 220 VAC–inlet connector on the PDU at
the rear of the chassis. For a DC environment, see
Step 6
Connect the other end of the power cable to the AC–power source.
Step 7
Verify the power supply is operating by checking the power supply LEDs. See
Interpreting LEDs, on page
Depending on the outlet receptacle on your rack's power distribution unit, you may need the optional
jumper power cord to connect the Cisco UCS 5108 server chassis to an outlet receptacle.
Installing and Removing Power Supplies
Connecting a DC Power Supply, on page
Cisco UCS 5108 Server Chassis Installation Guide
LED Locations, on page 21


Table of Contents

Table of Contents