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Mitsubishi Electric JT-SB116JH2-S-NA Handbook page 18

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(4) Light receiving circuit board (JT-30S1R)
1 Unscrew the clamping screws, and remove the maintenance (maint.)
(Two spl screws 4 x 16, indicated by )
Assembly precaution
Insert the maint. cover into the groove of the base. (Indicated by )
2 Remove the fix plate.
Assembly precautions
• Run the lead wires through the groove of the maint. cover.
(Indicated by )
• Take care not to pinch the lead wires.
3 Remove the light receiving circuit board (JT-30S1R).
Maint. cover
Fix plate
Light receiving
circuit board
─ 18 ─
Maint. cover
Maint. cover
Light receiving circuit board (JT-30S1R)
Fix plate


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