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Overhauling Procedures; Troubleshooting - Mitsubishi Electric JT-SB116JH2-S-NA Handbook

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13. Overhauling procedures

Work precautions
• Before replacing parts, follow the instructions described in the troubleshooting.
• When servicing, always take care to keep proper footing.
• Before starting the service, always unplug the power cord from the outlet, or turn off the circuit breaker when
no power cord plug is provided. Sufficient care must be taken to avoid electric shock or injury.
• Make sure to connect the power supply wires correctly.
• After completing repairs, check that the unit operates properly.
Always wear gloves when servicing.
The part names in the text are standardized with the part names in the parts catalog. (There are some
<Internal view and circuit board locations>
Control circuit board
Filter circuit board
Display circuit board
Light receiving circuit board
─ 16 ─
Sensor circuit board
(Middle sensor)
Sensor circuit board
(Lower sensor)
Power circuit board


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