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Remote Control; Connecting To A Tv; Connecting To An Audio System; Connecting To Your Network - RCA DSB7788W Quick Setup Manual

Wi-fi streaming media player with 1080p hdmi output
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General Controls Reference Guide

Remote Control

To Install Batteries
1. Open the battery door.
2. Insert two AAA
CAUTION: Danger of explosion if battery is
incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the
same or equivalent type.
Battery Replacement
When the batteries become weak, the operating
distance of the remote control is greatly reduced and
you will need to replace them.
If the remote control is not going to be used for a
long time, remove the batteries to avoid corrosion
damage caused by battery leakage.
Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix
ALKALINE,standard (CARBON-ZINC) or rechargeable
(NICKEL-CADMIUM) batteries.
Always remove batteries as soon as they become
Weak batteries can leak and severely damage the
remote control.
WARNING: Do not dispose of batteries in a fire.
Batteries may explode or leak.
• AC Adapter................................................................. x1
• RemoteControl(withbatteries)............................. x1

Connecting to a TV

A. Using an HDMI cable (for best connection)
Connect an HDMI cable (not included) to the HDMI OUT jack on your player and to the HDMI IN jack on your TV.
• Do not tilt the connector when inserting it into the HDMI
jack,and make sure the shapes of the jack and the connector
are matched.
• When using non-HDCP compatible TV, the image will not
display properly.
• An HDMI cable carries both video and audio signals.If you want to use TV speakers,
you do not need to make an additional audio connection if you are using an
HDMI cable.
B. Using an A/V cable
Connect the yellow connectors on an A/V
cable (not included) to the VIDEO jack on
your player and the VIDEO IN jack on your
TV. Connect the red and white connectors to
the AUDIO OUT jacks on your player and L/R
AUDIO IN jacks on your TV.

Connecting to an Audio System

A. Using a Digital Audio Optical cable
(for best connection)
Connect a digital audio optical cable (not included) to the
OPTICAL OUTPUT on your player and to the OPTICAL INPUT
on your AV receiver or amplifier.
B. Using an Analog Audio cable
Connect an audio cable (not included) to the red and
white AUDIO OUT jacks on your player and to the AUDIO
IN jacks on your AV receiver or amplifier.

Connecting to Your Network

Your player can be connected to your home network:
• By connecting an Ethernet cable to the LAN jack on your player and to a wired hub or router.Using a wired network
provides the best performance, because the attached devices connect directly to the network and are not subject
to radio frequency interference.
• By connecting the player to your Wi-Fi network.
A. Connecting your player to a wired router
Connect an Ethernet cable to the
LAN jack on the back of your player
and to an Ethernet jack on a hub or
broadband router.
• Do not connect a modular phone cable to the LAN jack.
• When plugging or unplugging the cable, hold the connector on the end of the cable. When unplugging, do not
pull on the cable. Press down the lock tab and pull the connector out of the jack.
B. Connecting your player to a wireless access point or router
Your player has an integrated Wi-Fi device and
antenna. No physical connection to the wireless
router is necessary.Place your player within range
of your wireless network. During configuration
of your player for network access, you may need
to enter a password if your network has security
turned on.
Do not place anything on the top of your player. Placing objects on the top of your player may interfere with the
wireless signal, or cause the player to overheat.
C. Connection Status
To check your network connection status, select the Settings Option from Main Menu, then select
Network -> Network Test.
Powering up & Initial setup
A. Operating with the remote control
Open the cover and insert the batteries (AAA x 2) matching the polarity indicated inside battery compartment of the
remote control. To use,point the remote control at the remote sensor located on the front of the player. Please ensure
the front of the player is not obstructed.Do not expose the remote sensor of your player to a strong light source such
as direct sunlight or other illumination.If you do so,you may not be able to operate your player via the remote control.
B. Starting up & Basic setup
1. After all connections are complete, connect the power adaptor to your player.
2. If Player doesn't turn on automatically within ten seconds, press
3. Turn on your TV.Ensure your TV is switched to the input source that you've connected the player. (For details,refer
to TV's user manual).
If the TV is connected by an HDMI cable, please allow a few moments for the opening screen to display.
4. The Player will display a basic setup screen which will guide you though initial setup.
Settings & Entertainment
The main menu includes Settings & Entertainment options.Press , , , to highlight an option, press OK/ENTER
to confirm your selection and setting , press
Settings: Use to define your basic settings to your
preference.To return to a previous screen, press
Settings options
Network --> Info --> Quick Setup --> Display --> Audio
--> Language --> System
Entertainment: This gives you access to many applications
and services. Some of the services may require a log-in
ID and password, some of the services may require a
subscription. The Player will provide you with on-screen
instructions if a log-in ID or password is required.


Player does not work
• Unplug the AC power adapter, wait at least ten seconds, then plug it back in.
• Ensure the AC adapter is securely inserted into the Player's power jack and an AC outlet. The Player's blue
power indicator should turn on within ten seconds of the Player's AC Adapter being plugged in.
• See troubleshooting tips below.
The remote control does not work properly
Check the following:
• The batteries are inserted correctly.
• The batteries are fresh.
• The remote control is pointed directly at the remote sensor of the Player.
• The remote control is not being used from too far a distance from the Player.
• Nothing is obstructing remote sensor (located on front of the Player).
Streaming video services (such as YouTube™, etc.) often stop, pause or "buffer" during playback
• Your Wi-Fi Access Point (eg wireless router) may be too far from the Player. If possible, try to locate your Wi-Fi
router closer to your Player, or use ethernet connection, or consult an expert on ways to improve your home
network's bandwidth.
• Your broadband service speed may not be fast enough to stream video services. If so, your Internet Service
Provider (ISP) may have other service plans that provide higher bandwidth.
How can I check if my network connection is OK?
• Go to the Player's Settings Menu, then select Network -> Network Test. This will test if you are successfully
connected to your Home Network and if your broadband connection is connected to the internet.
• Go to the Player's Entertainment Menu, select VUDU Movies -> My VUDU -> Info & Settings -> Network Speed
Test. This will test the speed/performance of your network
The Player has a poor or intermittent connection to the Wi-Fi access point (eg wireless router)
• The wireless communication may be interrupted from household devices that are using radio frequencies.
Move the Player away from them.
• The Access Point is located too far from the Player.
My Wi-Fi network is not displayed on the "Network List"
• The access point or wireless LAN router may not broadcast its SSID.
- Manually enter your access point's SSID in the Network Settings Menu of the Player.
- Or set your access point to broadcast its SSID.
• Your Wi-Fi network may not be set to the frequency range or range of channels that this Player can support.
Try adjusting the frequency range and/or channel of your network.
I need to input text to manually configure log-in IDs, passwords or network settings, but I don't see an
on-screen keyboard
• Try pressing the OK button on your remote control while the cursor is blinking on the screen's entry field, this
should bring up an on-screen keyboard.Try adjusting the frequency range and channel of your network.
Player doesn't display video on my TV screen
• Select the appropriate video input mode on the TV so the picture from the Player appears on the TV screen.
• Make sure your HDMI cable or RCA cable is securely inserted in both the Player and your TV.
• YourTVmaynotsupporttheresolutionyouhavesetonthePlayer.ChangetheresolutiontomatchyourTV'sresolution.
• The player's HDMI OUT cable is not securely connected to your player or your TV.
The picture noise appears "noisy" or degraded
• Your Player may be set to a HDMI resolution that's higher than your TV's. Change the resolution to match your
TV's resolution.
The Player has "frozen" or stopped working
• To reset the Player, unplug the AC power adapter, wait at least ten seconds, and then plug it back in.
• Make sure your Remote Control is functioning properly.
My Player seems to shut down by itself, is there a problem?
• No, in order to save you power, the Player will shut down after prolonged periods on inactivity - don't worry,
it won't shut down while you're using it." Note: you can disable this feature, or adjust the Auto Power Down
Duration by going to Settings -> System -> Auto Power Down
Please visit online help at
Important Information Relating to Network Services
All information, data, documents, communications, downloads, files, text, images, photographs, graphics, videos,
webcasts, publications, tools, resources, software, code, programs, applets, widgets, applications, products and
other content ("Content") and all services and offerings ("Services") provided or made available by or through
any third party (each a"Service Provider") is the sole responsibility of the Service Provider from whom it originated.
The availability of and access to Content and Services furnished by the Service Provider through this device
are subject to change at any time, without prior notice, including, but not limited to the suspension, removal
or cessation of all or any part of the Content or Services.
Should you have any inquiry or problem related to the Content or Services, you may refer to the Service
Provider's website for the most up-to-date information. AVC Multimedia is neither responsible nor liable
for customer service related to the Content and Services. Any question or request for service relating to the
Content or Services should be made directly to the respective Content and Service Providers.
Please note that AVC Multimedia is not responsible for any Services provided by the Service Provider or any
changes to, removal of, or cessation of such Services and does not warrant or guaranty the availability of or
access to such Content or Services.
Networking equipment
to return to previous menu.
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IR (remote control) sensor
Status indicator
DC IN power jack
Analog AUDIO OUT jacks
Composite VIDEO OUT jack
Digital OPTICAL OUT port
LAN jack
POWER button
Press to turn on/off the player.
RETURN button
Press to return to the previous screen.
Audio button
Press to select the audio mode.
VOLUME +/- buttons
Press to adjust the volume.
Reverse Scan button
Press to fast reverse playback.
A, B, C, D buttons
If a color-coded menu option appears on your screen,
you can press the corresponding color-coded button
to select this option.
NETFLIX button
Press to access Netflix service directly.
Mute button
Press to mute all sound.
Home button
Press to display the main menu of the player.
, , ,
Press to select items or settings in on-screen
OK/ENTER button
Press to confirm or select menu items.
Subtitle button
Press to display the subtitle menu.
Play/ Pause button
Press to start playback.
Press to pause playback.
Stop button
Press to stop playback.
Forward Scan button
Press to fast forward playback.
15. VUDU button
Press to access VUDU service directly.
16. Pandora button
Press to access Pandora service directly.
AV receiver/amplifier
(modem, etc.)
Modem Port
rele a e
Modem Cable
on the remote control to turn on your player.
(Cursor) buttons
Hub or broadband router
LAN cable
o t
AV receiver/amplifier
LAN cable



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