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English - Electrolux EKM3 Series Instruction Book

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Thank you for choosing an Electrolux product. In order to ensure the best results, always use original Electrolux
accessories and spare parts. They have been designed especially for your product. This product is designed with
the environment in mind. All plastic parts are marked for recycling purposes.
A. Motor head (tiltable)
B. Speed selector
C. Housing
D. Tilt head locking button
E. Front attachment hub
F. Front attachment hub release button
G. Rear attachment hub cover
H. Attachment shaft
I. Stainless steel bowl
J. Bowl clamping plate
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Before using your appliance for the first time: Remove all packing material such as plastics, labels, stickers or
tags that may be attached to the housing, bowls or attachments.
Clean the appliance and accessories, see instructions: "Cleaning and Care".
Place the appliance on a flat surface. Push the tilt head locking button with one hand and tilt the motor head
up with the other hand. Once in up position it locks.
Caution! Ensure that the power cord is unplugged.
Set the speed selector to "OFF". Place the stainless steel bowl on the bowl clamping plate. Rotate the bowl
clockwise to lock it into position.
Warning: Never operate the appliance with the wire whip, flat beater or dough hook unless the bowl is in place.
Place an attachment on the attachment shaft: Align the slot at the top of the attachment with the pin on the
attachment shaft. Push attachment up and turn it counterclockwise until the pin is locked into position.
To remove attachment, move it clockwise and pull off.
Tilting the motor head down: Push the tilt head locking button with one hand and tilt the motor head down
with the other hand. Insert the plug in the main socket.
Warning: Keep fingers and hands away from areas with movable parts.
Move the speed selector from "OFF" to desired speed (1-6). Once mixing is complete, turn the speed selector
to "OFF" and unplug the appliance.
Picture page 3
If the appliance is unplugged and the speed selector is left in speed mode (1-6):
The appliance will not start automatically. Turn the speed selector to "OFF", then turn it to the desired speed.
Attachment hub: The appliance has with two built in multi-purpose attachment hubs, one in the front (A) and
one in the back (B). Read and carefully follow the instructions that comes with each attachment for correct and
safe use.
Insert the grind screw (B) into the grinder housing (A). Place the knife (C) over the square shaft at the end of
the grind screw. Place the grinding plate (D) (medium or coarse) over the knife. Tighten the ring (E) by hand until
the meat grinder is secured.
Note: Do not over tighten the ring.
Push down the release button for the front attachment hub to the right and remove the attachment hub
cover. Fit the power shaft of the attachment in the front attachment hub socket, using the attachment hub
EKM3xxx_Kitchen Machine_Electrlx.indd 6
K. Non-slip feet
L. Power cord
M. Wire whip
N. Coated flat beater
O. Coated dough hook
P. Slicer/Shredder *
Q. Meat grinder *
R. Blender*
S. Blender lid with measuring cup
* Certain models only
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