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Precaution Statements; Safety Precautions - Samsung ER-650 Operation And Program Manual

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Follow these safety, servicing and ESD precautions to prevent damage and to protect against potential hazards such as
electrical shock.

Safety Precautions

1. Be sure that all built-in protective devices are
replaced. Restore any missing protective shields.
2. When reinstalling the chassis and its assemblies,
be sure to restore all protective devices, including
nonmetallic control knobs and compartment
3. Make sure there are no cabinet openings through
which people - particularly children - might insert
fingers and contact dangerous voltages.
Such openings include excessively wide cabinet
ventilation slots and improperly fitted covers and
4. Design Alteration Warning:
Never alter or add to the mechanical or electrical
design of the SECR. Unauthorized alterations
might create a safety hazard. Also, any design
changes or additions will void the manufacturer's
5. Components, parts and wiring that appear to have
overheated or that are otherwise damaged should
be replaced with parts that meet the original
specifications. Always determine the cause of
damage or over- heating, and correct any potential
Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced.
Replace only with the same or equivalent type recomm-
ended by the manufacturer.
Dispose used batteries according to the manufacturer's

Precaution Statements

6. Observe the original lead dress, especially near the
following areas : sharp edges, and especially the
AC and high voltage supplies. Always inspect
for pinched, out-of-place, or frayed wiring. Do not
change the spacing between comp-onents and the
printed circuit board. Check the AC power cord
for damage. Make sure that leads and
components do not touch thermally hot parts.
7. Product Safety Notice:
Some electrical and mechanical parts have special
safety-related characteristics which might not be
obvious from visual inspection. These safety
features and the protection they give might be lost
if the replacement component differs from the
original - even if the replacement is rated for
higher voltage, wattage, etc.
Components that are critical for safety are
indicated in the circuit diagram by shading, (
or (
Use replacement components that have
the same ratings, especially for flame resistance
and dielectric strength specifications. A
replacement part that does not have the same
safety characteristics as the original might create
shock, fire or other hazards.
ll y a danger d'explosion s'il y a remplacement incorrect
de la batterie.
Remplacer uniquement avec une batterie du même type
ou d'un type équivalent recommandé par le constructeur.
Mettre au rebut les batteries usagées conformément aux
instructions du fabricant.



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