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Before Operating This Recorder; On/Standby Button; Open/Close Button - Toshiba D-R5SC Owner's Manual

Toshiba dvd video recorder owner's manual d-r5su, d-r5sc
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Index to parts and controls ( Continued )

Before operating this recorder

Is your recorder ready?
Refer to "QUICK SETUP GUIDE" and finish the
necessary preparations.
Turn on the connected equipment such as a TV or
audio system and select the input source from the
Turning the power on
(This owner's manual instructions are based on
the premise that all proper connections have been
completed and the TV is turned on.)
Press ON/STANDBY on the front panel of the
recorder or POWER on the remote control.


POWER button
CH button
When the power turns on, the LED on the front panel
lights up.
After a few seconds, a start-up screen appears.
The following icon appears at the top right corner of
the screen.
When this icon disappears, the recorder is ready to
operate. If the disc tray contains a disc, it takes a
longer time to start up.
Viewing TV channels through this recorder
After turning the power on, press INPUT SELECT
and use the
/ key to select Tuner mode and
then press ENTER key.
You can select a desired channel by pressing the CH
button or the number buttons.
Loading a disc
Check disc compatibility beforehand (
and 12) and use a proper playable disc.
Keep your fingers well clear of the disc tray.
Neglecting this may cause serious personal injury.
Keep a close watch on children.
Do not use a cracked, deformed or repaired disc.
1 Open the disc tray.
on the front panel or OPEN/CLOSE
on the remote control.


2 Insert a disc.
Disc without a cartridge
Insert with the playback side down.
There are two kinds of disc size. Place a disc
to fit the guide. If a disc is out of the guide, it
may result in damage to the disc or malfunction.
page 11
Place a disc in the
inside hollow.



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