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Technical Data - Siemens 5WG1 201-2DBx3 Series Technical Product Information

Gamma arina touch sensor
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Gamma arina touch sensor

Technical data

Power supply
• Via the KNX bus line
• Current consumption:
UP201/xx, UP202/xx, UP203/x2: 10 mA @ DC 24 V
UP203/x3, UP203/x4: 12.5 mA @ DC 24 V
UP203/x5: 25 mA @ DC 24 V
Operating elements
• 1, 2 or 4 pairs of horizontally arranged touch areas
• 1 programing push button:
for toggling between normal mode / addressing mode
for reset the device to the default factory settings and
to activate manufacturer specific functions
Display elements
• 1 red LED:
for checking the bus voltage and for displaying normal
mode / addressing mode
This LED indicated also the reset to the default factory
settings and further activated manufacturer specific
• 1 yellow LED as orientation light in the dark
For all variants:
• 1 green LED per touch area for status annunciation
(e.g. quadruple switch = 8 status LED's
IR receiver (UP 203/15, UP 203/35)
• Range of IR transmission: approx. 20 m under these
with IR hand-held remote S 425/72
directed in optical direct line-of-sight
at 500 Lux diffuse day-light at reception location
• Bus line: Bus terminal (black/red) , screwless
Ø 0.6 ... Ø 0.8 mm solid
Physical specifications
• Dimensions (L x W x D): 86 x 86 x 14.6 (in mm)
• Weight: approx. 65.6 g
Electrical safety
• Degree of pollution (according to IEC 60664-1): 2
• Type of protection (according to EN 60529): IP 20
• Class of protection (according to IEC 61140): III
• Overvoltage category (according to IEC 60664-1): III
• Bus: safety extra-low voltage SELV DC 24 V
• Device complies with: EN50491-3, IEC 60669-2-1, and
IEC 60669-2-5
UP 20x, UP 28x/3 and UP 28x/5
Siemens Building Technologies
EMC requirements
Complies with EN 50491-5-1, EN 50491-5-2, EN 50428,
Environmental specifications
• Climatic conditions: EN 50491-2
• Ambient temperature operating: - 5...45 °C
• Ambient temperature non-op.: - 20...70 ° C
• Relative humidity (non-condensing): 5...95 % r.h.
Failure rate: 413 FIT at 30°C
CE mark
• In accordance with the EMC guideline (residential and
Subject to change without further notice
Technical product information
functional buildings), low voltage guideline
Gamma instabus
June 2014
Technical product information



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