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Installation Notes - Siemens 5WG1 201-2DBx3 Series Technical Product Information

Gamma arina touch sensor
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Gamma instabus
Technical product information
June 2014
Gamma arina touch sensor
Aplication program
25 C0 Sensor Switch 910301
• Single, double or quadruple touch sensor for
- switching on / off / toggle
- bell function (press on, release off)
- dimming (with one or two buttons)
- solar protection control (with one or two buttons)
- send value (8-bit and 16-bit)
- send variable value (8-Bit)
- 1-bit and 8-bit scene control
- forced control
- second transmission object
• 8 channel scene controller with 8 scenes per channel
• 1 LED as orientation light
• 1 LED per touch area for status annunciation
• IR receiver-decoder for 16 IR channels
• Room temperature measurement
This application program applies to all Gamma arina
touch sensors.
When expanding the number of touch areas or the func-
tionality (e.g. from UP 201/12 to UP 203/34) the prior
configuration remains and must only be expanded.
Configuration and operation of all Gamma arina touch
sensors is identical independent of design and the num-
ber of touch areas.
Programming mode
Press the programing button short (< 2 s) to enable pro-
gramming mode. This is indicated by the programming
Factory setting
When the programing button is pressed very long (> 20
s) the device is reset to the default factory settings. This
is indicated by evenly flashing the programming LED. The
flashing stops after 5 seconds.
When the programming key is pressed longer (>2 s...<20
s) the device starts connection test. This is a special
mode for Desigo TRA. The device may be blocked for the
manufacturer specific functions for approx. 10 seconds
for the programming mode. This is indicated by briefly
flashing the programming LED.
Technical product information

Installation notes

The device can be used for permanent installation in dry
interior rooms and for insertion in distribution boards or
miniature housings.
• The device must be mounted and commissioned by an
authorised electrician.
• The device can be mounted in combination with
switches and sockets in multi mounting frames, but
the installation should comply with safety standard or
• The prevailing safety rules must be heeded.
• For planning and construction of electric installations,
the relevant guidelines, regulations and standards of
the respective country are to be considered.
Subject to change without further notice
UP 20x, UP 28x/3 and UP 28x/5
Siemens Building Technologies



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