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Mitsubishi Electric FR-A7AX E kit-SC Instruction Manual page 3

16-bit digital input function
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2. Injury Prevention
• The voltage applied to each terminal must be the ones
specified in the Instruction Manual. Otherwise burst, damage,
etc. may occur.
• The cables must be connected to the correct terminals.
Otherwise burst, damage, etc. may occur.
• Polarity must be correct. Otherwise burst, damage, etc. may
• While power is ON or for some time after power-OFF, do not
touch the inverter as they will be extremely hot. Doing so can
cause burns.
3. Additional Instructions
Also the following points must be noted to prevent an accidental
failure, injury, electric shock, etc.
1) Transportation and mounting
• Do not install or operate the plug-in option if it is damaged or
has parts missing.
• Do not stand or rest heavy objects on the product.
• The mounting orientation must be correct.
• Foreign conductive objects must be prevented from entering
the inverter. That includes screws and metal fragments or
other flammable substances such as oil.
2) Trial run
• Before starting operation, each parameter must be confirmed
and adjusted. A failure to do so may cause some machines to
make unexpected motions.
3) Usage
• Do not modify the equipment.
• Do not perform parts removal which is not instructed in this
manual. Doing so may lead to fault or damage of the inverter.
• When parameter clear or all parameter clear is performed, the
required parameters must be set again before starting operations
because all parameters return to the initial value.
• For prevention of damage due to static electricity, nearby
metal must be touched before touching this product to
eliminate static electricity from your body.
4) Maintenance, inspection and parts replacement
• Do not test the equipment with a megger (measure insulation
5) Disposal
• This inverter plug-in option must be treated as industrial
6) General instruction
Many of the diagrams and drawings in this Instruction Manual
show the inverter without a cover or partially open for
explanation. Never operate the inverter in this manner. The
cover must be reinstalled and the instructions in the inverter
manual must be followed when operating the inverter.



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