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Safety Precautions - Samsung MIM-E03 N Series Installation Manual

Control kit
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Safety precautions

Carefully follow the precautions listed as below because they are essential to guarantee the safety of SAMSUNG product .
f Carefully read the contents of this manual before installing the control kit and store the manual in a safe place in order to
be able to use it as reference after installation .
f For maximum safety, installers should always carefully read the following warnings .
f Store the manual in a safe location and remember to hand it over to the new owner if the kit is sold or transferred .
f The kit is compliant with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive (72/23/EEC), the EMC Directive (89/336/EEC) and
the Directive on pressurized equipment (97/23/EEC) .
f The manufacturer shall not be responsible for damage originating from unauthorized changes or the improper
connection of electric and hydraulic lines . Failure to comply with these instructions or to comply with the requirements
set forth in the "Operating limits" table, included in the manual, shall immediately invalidate the warranty .
f Do not use the units if you see some damages on the units and recognize something bad such as loud noisy, smell of
burning .
f In order to prevent electric shocks, fires or injuries, always stop the unit, disable the protection switch and contact
SAMSUNG's technical support if the unit produces smoke, if the power cable is hot or damaged or if the unit is very noisy .
f Always remember to inspect the unit, electric connections, and protections regularly . These operations shall be
performed by qualified personnel only .
f The unit contains various electric parts, which should be kept out of the reach of children .
f Do not attempt to repair, move, alter or reinstall the unit by unauthorized personnel, these operations may cause product
damage, electric shocks and fires .
f Do not place containers with liquids or other objects on the unit .
f All the materials used for the manufacture and packaging of the air to water heat pump are recyclable .
f The packing materials must be disposed of in accordance with local regulations .
f Wear protective gloves to unpack, move, install, and service the unit to avoid your hands being injured by the edge of the
parts .
f Do not touch the internal parts while running the units .
f Inspect the product shipped and check if damaged during transport . If the product has some damages, DO NOT INSTALL
and immediately discuss about the damages with the carrier or retailer (if the installer or the authorized technician has
collected the material from the retailer . )
f Our units shall be installed in compliance with the spaces described in the installation manual, to ensure accessibility
from both sides and allow repairs or maintenance operations to be carried out . If the units installed without complying
with procedures described in manual, additional expenses can be asked because special harnesses, ladders, scaffolding
or any other elevation system for repair service will NOT be considered part of the warranty and will be charged to the
end customer .
f When service works required, make sure to disconnect the power supply at least 1 minute to prevent electric shocks .
- Always check the voltage at the terminals of main PCB before trying to touch .
f Use electric wires which manual designated . Connections between wires and terminals shall be assembled without any
tension . If the assembly works is not implemented well, it can lead to have product damages and fires .
f After wiring works, terminal block cover shall be fixed firmly . Without cover, it can cause to have product damage and fire .
f Be sure not to perform power cable modification, midway wiring, and multiple wire connection .
- It may cause electric shock or fire due to poor connection or insulation and current limit override .
- When midway wiring is required due to power line damage, refer to "How to connect your extended power cables" in
the installation manual .
EHS MONO Kit-EU_IM_05388A-04_EN.indd 3
• Always disconnect a power supply of Air-Water Heat Pump before servicing it or accessing
components inside the unit .
• Verify that installation and testing operations shall be performed by qualified personnel .
• To prevent serious damage on the system and injuries to users, precautions and other
notices shall be observed .
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