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Samsung MIM-E03 N Series Installation Manual page 22

Control kit
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DHW tank
Heating is not working
Water is not warm enough
Safety valve(SV) is dripping .
Leak warning outlet is dripping .
Other problems, or if none of the above
solves the problem .
Incorrect handling of thermostat, safety valve or other valves may lead to tank rupture . When servicing the unit
follow instructions carefully:
• Always turn off main power supply when water supply is being shut off .
• Test the free operation of the safety valve regularly by opening the valve ensuring the water flows freely .
• Electrical connection and all servicing of the electrical components should only be carried out by an authorized
electrician .
• Fitting and all servicing of plumbing fixtures should only be carried out by an authorized installer .
• When replacing the thermostat, safety valve or any other valve or part supplied with this unit, use only approved
parts of the same specification .
• Before resetting the safety cut-off or altering the thermostat setting, always remember to isolate the electrical
supply to the unit . This must be done prior to removing the electrical box lid .
• If the electric element or thermostat is defective, contact authorized electrician .
• After adjustments are completed, ensure the lid to the electrical box is refitted correctly and that the retaining
screw is properly fitted .
EHS MONO Kit-EU_IM_05388A-04_EN.indd 22
Possible cause
Heating element or internal electrical
wiring is out of order .
Thermostat is set too low .
Heating element or the internal electrical
wiring is partially out of order .
UX mixing valve(fitted on top) is
incorrectly adjusted .
Water expands when heated . If there
is no consumption of hot water over
a period of time pressure builds up,
causing the safety valve to open .
The heating element may not be
properly tightened .
There may be a leak .
Check if there is any power on the power
supply on the connector of the heating
element between black and yellow/
green wires . If this is OK, press the reset
button on the fuse/safety cut-off .
Adjust the thermostat up using a
standard screwdriver .
Check the resistance of the heating
element on the connector of the heater
bundle, and the condition of the internal
wiring .
Adjust the UX mixing valve correctly to
the preferred temperature .
If drip from the SV is severe, it might
need to be replaced . Some dripping
is normal . Alternatively an expansion
vessel can be fitted .
Check the heating element o-ring seal
and all connections .
Contact the installer/supplier regarding
any other failure .
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