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Labels On Tools; Features; Assembly; Use - Black & Decker CHS600 Instruction Manual

Black & decker powered hand saw instruction manual
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Labels on tools

Warning! To reduce the risk of injury, the user must
read the instruction manual.


1. Shoe
2. Lock-off button
3. Charging socket
4. On/Off switch
5. Blade clamp release lever
6. Charger plug
7. Charger


Fitting and removing a saw blade (fig. A)
The tool accepts both T-shank and universal shank jig saw
Push down on the blade clamp release lever (5) to its fully
open position.
Insert the blade shank (8) from the front.
Release the blade clamp release lever (5).
Push down on the blade clamp release lever (5) to its fully
open position.
Remove the blade.
Release the blade clamp release lever (5).
Residual risks
Additional residual risks may arise when using the tool which
may not be included in the enclosed safety warnings. These
risks can arise from misuse, prolonged use etc.
Even with the application of the relevant safety regulations
and the implementation of safety devices, certain residual
risks cannot be avoided. These include:
Injuries caused by touching any rotating/moving parts.
Injuries caused when changing any parts, blades or
Injuries caused by prolonged use of a tool. When using
any tool for prolonged periods make sure you take
regular breaks.
Impairment of hearing.
Health hazards caused by breathing dust developed
when using your tool (example:- working with wood,
especially oak, beech and MDF).


Warning! Let the tool work at its own pace. Do not overload.
Charging the battery (fig. B)
The battery needs to be charged before first use and
whenever it fails to produce sufficient power on jobs that
were easily done before. When charging the battery for the
first time, or after prolonged storage, it will only accept an
80% charge. After several charge and discharge cycles, the
battery will attain full capacity. The battery may become
warm while charging; this is normal and does not indicate a
Warning! Do not charge the battery at ambient temperatures
below 10°C or above 40°C. Recommended charging
temperature is approximately 24°C.
To charge the battery, insert the charger plug (6) into the
connector (3).
Plug in the charger (7) and switch on at the mains.
Leave the tool connected to the charger for 6-8 hours.
The charger may hum and become warm while charging;
this is normal and does not indicate a problem.
Generally, a charging time of 6 hours will enable the tool to
operate at an effective power level for most tasks. However,
further charging for up to 8 hours could significantly increase
the run time, depending on the battery and the charging
Before using the tool, unplug the charger (7) and
disconnect the tool from the charger.
Do not use the tool while it is connected to the charger.
Switching on and off (fig. C)
To switch the tool on, push the lock-off button (2) to the
unlock position and squeeze the on/off switch (4).
To switch the tool off, release the on/off switch (2).
Sawing (fig. D)
Hold the tool firmly with both hands while cutting.
The shoe (1) should be held firmly against the material being
cut. This will help prevent the saw from jumping, reduce
vibration and minimise blade breakage.
Let the blade run freely for a few seconds before starting
the cut.
Apply only a gentle pressure to the tool while performing
the cut.
Hints for Optimum Use
Sawing laminates
Because the saw blade cuts on the upward stroke,
splintering may occur on the surface closest to the shoe
Use a fine-tooth saw blade.
Saw from the back surface of the workpiece.

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