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Maintenance - Electrolux CAL61.206 Installation & Operating Instructions Manual

Caravan foof mount air conditioners
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AIR FILTERS: Periodically remove the return air filters
located above the removable panels in the air box. Wash
filters with soap and warm water, let dry and then reinstall
(FIG. 9.C)
NOTE: Never run the air conditioner without return air
filters in place. This may plug the unit evaporator coil with
dirt and may substantially affect the performance of the
12. SERVICE - Unit Does Not Operate
If your unit fails to operate or operates improperly, check
the following before calling your service center.
If the van is connected to a motor generator, check to
be sure the motor generator is running and producing
If the van is connected to a power supply by a land line,
check to be sure the line is sized properly to run your
air conditioner load and that it is plugged into the power
Check your fuse or circuit breaker.
FROST FORMATION on Cooling Unit: Under certain
conditions, frost may form on the evaporator coil. If this
should occur, inspect the filter and clean if dirty. Make sure
air louvers are not obstructed. Air conditioners have a
greater tendency to frost when the outside temperature is
relatively low. This may be prevented by adjusting the
thermostat control knob to a warmer setting (counterclock-
wise). Should frosting continue, operate on low, med., or
high FAN setting until the cooling coil is free of frost.
In the air conditioner air box, check to be sure the air
conditioner conduit is plugged into the selector switch
box. (FIG. 8.E)
After the above checks, call your local service center
for further help. This unit must be serviced by qualified
service personnel only.
When calling for service, always give the air conditioner
Model Number, Product Number, and Serial Number. This
information can be found on the unit rating plate located on
the air conditioner base pan. To locate these, remove the
return air grill from the air box and look up through the roof
opening in the ceiling. (FIG. 2 and 9.A)

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