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Hitachi VB 13Y Handling Instructions Manual page 28

Portable rebar cutter/bender
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Read handling instructions before use.
Begin operation only after
ensuring that there are no people
within the turning range of the
material to be bent.
Never bring your hand close to
the cutter during operation.
q Close the cover.
w Select the bending angle.
e Place a rebar.
r Pull the trigger.
Note that the unit is not a hand held tool. Be absolutely
sure to use the unit only after placing it on stable
spots such as floor, ground, etc.
Never bring your hand close to the cutter during
Never bring your hand close to the reaction stoppers
A and B during operation.
Do not cut any materials other than the rebars. If you
attempt to do so, the material can splinter into pieces
and scatter.
Only cut the one piece of rebar at a time. It is
impossible to cut more than two pieces at one time,
and attempting to do so can damage the unit and
The bending roller moves even during cutting
operation. Never bring your hand close to the bending
1. Normal cutting (Fig. 3.)
(1) Turn the lever in the direction of the arrow mark and
open the cover.
(2) Set the setting dial at the "cut" position. (Turn the
setting dial all the way clockwise.) (Fig. 3.)
(3) Set the unit in the position shown in Fig. 3.
(4) Set the rebar to be cut on the lower cutter.
Do not this electric power tools
in wet wether conditions.
Avoid any work exceeding
the maximum capacities.
(Rebar diameter ø 13 mm.)
Refer to the Handling Instructions for details.
If the switch is turned off and
then immediately turned on
again, the motor may not start.
Wait for at least one full second
before attempting to turn the
motor on again after it has been
switched off.
Do not attempt to cut two rebars
at one time.
q Open the cover.
w Select CUT.
e Place a rebar.
r Pull the trigger.
(Returning Halfway)
q Select RETURN with the dial.
w Pull the trigger.
(5) When the rebar is set, make sure that either the
reaction stopper A or B is hitched to the rebar.
(6) Pull the switch trigger and cut the rebar.
For the sake of safe operation, this unit is designed
so that the switch cannot be inadvertently switched
on. When switching the tool on, press the lock button
and then pull the switch trigger (Fig. 2). If the switch
trigger is pulled without pressing the lock button
first, the switch may be damaged. Please use care
when switching the tool on.
Even after the cutting has been completed, continue
pulling the switch trigger until the motor starts to run
in the reverse direction and the cutter starts to return.
If the switch trigger is released too early, the cutter
will not return and the trigger will have to be pulled
2. Removing the rebar during cutting operation. (Fig.
If the switch trigger is released in the middle of
cutting, the cutter can come to a stop at a halfway
position, jumming the rebar in the unit.
When this occurs, you can either pull the switch
trigger again and cut off the rebar, or you can free the
rebar by bringing the upper cutter back up to the
home position by carrying out the following
procedure. (Fig. 4.)



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